Friday, April 17, 2015

Restoran LYF dunno if sg buloh or kota damansala but dont matter lah

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here. I go to see dokter afterward so 
only have time eated quick fast thing so i go to this
shitbrix restoran near my hospital. 

I not know this so bad shitbrix i take piktar
for all u see. 

I order 2 ppl fry rice coz Ah Wok is rice people. No rice
can die 1. No rice is not for human eated 1. This rice
is not for human eated 1. No taste, no kaler, no liu, no 
kick, no wok hei, no feel. 

U see this rice oso no feel jor how to eated ? This u ownself
order u ownself rugi.

Ah Wok like fukin mai fun. Ah Wok eated fukin mai fun since
1999. I tell u i never eated fukin mai fun liddis b4. Is the
bestest fukin mai fun in the whole entire Malaysia and Sinjiapor
and Taikok. This fukin mai fun is not black 1. But is ok, becoz
the fukin mai fun no taste, no wok taste, no liu except 2-3 
prawn and then the fukin mai fun got few stick of vegetable.
This fukin mai fun cost me RM 32. Is for 2 people eated saiz.
The 2 people who eated this is not human jor.  Is me and my gf.
RM 32 of fukin mai fun if u go elsewhere is eated until u cannot
eated anymore thing 1. Here is liddis oni. 

Kailan is the bestest vegetable in the whole Malaysia. U can
kailan here kailan there kailan everywhere oso wont go wrong.
Here story not same. Here the kailan go wrong. If u see properly
the piktar, they kailan the kailan. Wei, the kailan so cheap, u still
wan cut cut tiok liddis meh ? Dun la do until liddis wei. Kailan not
expense oso. U chop chop cut cut liddis make the kailan not
look like kailan not feel like kailan oredi. Why wan slice the
kailan ah????? whyyyyyyyyyy?????

My bill is 4 people eated. RM 85. I got order 2 ppl fry rice,
2 ppl fukin mai fun, and 2 ppl kailan galik. Cip or not u 
ownself say la. And no drink beer. Is cinis tea ti kuan yin ok.

Some ppl tell me this restoran is brother same as the restoran lyj not far 
from here. LYJ actually quite nice, but why this brother so not nice ?
Very liok sui and very shitbrix food. Dun come here. U come here
u ownself rugi oni. 

Restoran LYF
N3 10.018 E101 34.190
Sg Buloh Industrial Park


Anonymous said...

Aiya, why no more gutter food alreadi wan? Need to read somemore la. So long no new posting

itachi said...

why no more posts? need money to eat upcar food lemme know ok??

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