Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our Sincere Apologies

Good day readers ! It certainly has been quite some time since
we updated our blog. We are currently facing some technical issues
but rest assured all will be well in time to come.

I would like to take this opportunity to bring you some good news.
First of all we have a new domain and a new server. Finally, we have
a place we can call our own. However migration of files and pictures
haven't been easy thus taking alot of our time. During the course of
3 months, we had alot of preparation work and encountered difficulties.
We had to even hold back alot of postings just to rectify and troubleshoot
some of the complexed programming which cannot be done
via microsoft word. I learned that the hard way.

Our new domain is now accesible....

We are currently trying to rectify the system which will update both
here and there. We hope that you, our exisiting readers and fans, will
continue to support us. Your moral support means everything to us.

Over the past years we have gained popularity and though
without revenue in return, your laughter and welfare was
enough for all of us to continue our small time publishing.

The team at thegutterfood isn't just about bringing laughter, it's also
about trend setting and an introduction to places which we had a very
bad encounter with. However, since we had to filter out some words,
we could never have gotten away just by cursing and swearing. That
is why we try to add in humor and laughter while amusing people
and all about to make our mark on the bad encounter we had.

I've had a lot of questions by our fans and readers. But unfortunately now
isnt' the time. I've got to get back to work on the migration to our new
servers. I promise you i will answer as best i can, in due time.

Email us if you wish to pen a note or encourage us or complain about us.

-From the desk of some internet cafe by the team @ thegutterfood-

P/S:- I used microsoft word to type this. This internet cafe got free microsoft word but RM 3/h
so expense la


Anonymous said...

keep up the work folks!

Anonymous said...

dude, update more regularly lar.. you need more writers can always pm me, beatles at k

Anonymous said...

I thought your blog was retarded but I'm seriously starting to like it. Thank you for making us aware of all the shitty places to avoid. I've had more than my share of bad experience. I wish the fags who cook crap which they try to sell off as food can read your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey so it's July now. Why no new posts? Shitbrix till die or what?

Anonymous said...

tiu nia sing lu....! u better update your stewpid blog....! bor than shit brix already.....! KNNCCB.....!

Anonymous said...

october already kawan. respekkkk mana respekk

Anonymous said...

why no update one, diuuuuuu

Anonymous said...

Update loooorr!