Friday, September 19, 2014

Ninja Joe make up car burger leh

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here this time in one utama with gf.
I go to here coz wan finding thing in Daiso and eated thing.

Walk walk sure hunger got come and i say to gf we long
time not have eated ninja joe. I see there got so we go ok?
Is small place but not have people so ok la. Sure slow 
cooking and tasting good since no people no que.

Ok number got on skrin there calling me go take. Wokay lor
self serbis ma self serbis lor. See gf order the burger set got
come wid fries. I steal 1, i regret coz the fry i stealing is
soft and cold. The toy on top is my gf putted so can
let all you see how small the burger is. Soooo small but
sooooo expense.

This cup is 7up. Ah Wok like 7up. This 7up same like i 
kena at old town that day. No gas 1. Something not rite.
No gas 7up is like drinks sugar add water. Up car jor liddis.

Here Ah Wok try do burger unboxing. But fail coz i lazy
wan take many piks. Ah Wok come here is to eated, not
take unboxing of burger.

I order the teriyaki burger coz i like teriyaki sos. For 
all you dunno, teriyaki is japanis people sos come from
japan. Is not cip but oso not expense sos. In my burger
not have taste teriyaki and cannot see the sos. Again i tell
you something wrong here liao. Up car liao liddis.

Here i show u this kad is bigger than burger. Fuiyoh. 
Burger expensip but no need until liddis ah ? So kiam
meh ? Wan until liddis ah fren ?

This where i up car 99. You see, this place no people but 
probrem come when i eated 1 mouth. I straight spit out.
Ah Wok know if i eated 3 mouth Ah Wok will end up
hospital shit brix. Meat not full cooks. 
Outside is cook inside not cook. 

Teriyaki sos really cannot find. What this ? Sos oso
dun hap, burger oso outside cook inside not cook.
How settle liddis ? 

Ah Wok straight pull GF go elsewhere eated. Next few door
got the chu yuk yin noddle we go. If eated this konpirm will
shit brix and end up klinik 24 jam. 

I rugi money but better rugi some money than end up
hospital pay more money. Nowaday klinik and hospital
is expense place. This Ninja Joe also is expense place
that will make you shit brix. Burger not cook full and 7up
no gas and fries cold and sos dun hap. This my last time
come here liao. 

Ninja Joe
One Utama
LG floor i think, is somewhere down there la.

Old Town again until my IQ also drop and i up car

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here this time wants telling you i 
again the up car at old town white kopi place but at Paradigm Mall
kelana jaya there. This time abit more got spesial coz
my IQ drop many point down by come here.

I up car so many time at old town white kopi until
i not have enuf finger and toe to count liao. 

Ah Wok supposing meet fren here at shoppin kompreks
but he not yet have come so i call him on hanfon. 

Tut Tut Tut he piking up and we chat but i scolding.

Me: Where are now ?
Mr A: I on way
Me: Where eated ? Where sit me ?
Mr A: Old town white kopi up floor there
Me: %$#!$%#^%^#&#^#&#$%%%$#^
Mr A: Fast 55 1 la ok 1 i telling you
Me: &@%^%$^%#&^*^$&^#^^%@
Mr A: U last time $#!%#$ now still liddat meh?
Me: Old town i up many car until now i dowan up jor
Mr A: $#!%!$#%$%@# old town la
Me: $#@!%#%$%#$%^#%&@^ u like la

Fon end. So i walking in old town kopi there i up car
so many time i go in sure my IQ drop some more. What to
do my fren wan so ok lor u win all liao lor.

I see menu got new thing so i order. Pan mee konlou 1 plate
then order the set come with 7up. Ok since i up car here b4
better i order 2 thing. So i order the egg toast just in case
pan mee up car so must have bekup. Ah Wok use smarts.

Wah liauuuu noddle come dun look like pan mee. Why
they cooking with half boil egg ??????
Who got eated pan mee half boil egg ? I dunno why
got half boil egg my IQ straight drop 10 point. Last time i
go to pusat sain negala there i testing my IQ got 27 point
total. Now drop 10 more i left back got 18 point i think. Ah Wok
mathematik not so good so i round up the number. But why why
why is half boil egg 1 ???? 

I zoom in for all you see propery. Is Half boil egg wei !
The noddle i tell u is so soft until lam pek pek liddat who 
wan eated this ? Eated liao konpirm shit brix !!!!!
I eated 2 bite i leave it. 

This is bekup order my egg toast. The kaya is so lousy taste 
like expire kaya. The egg toast u see the piktur that all i eated.
I not dare eated anymore after brix also cannot shit. This taste
like marjerin burn liao those thing.

Ah Wok IQ drop, stomak also got hunger, bill also expense
not eated but still have to pay. 7up also come no more gas 1.
If 7up no buble no gas means is not nais to drink. I up many
car here jor this one must be last up car if not i really not many
IQ point left and brix oso kenot shitted. 

Old Town White Coffee
Paradigm Mall
Up floor there

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sushi Mentai in Kepong

That day the night is not good, got rain but me and my friend lap cheong need to find a restaurant for dinner because we were very hungry. We were patrolling around in Kepong area and decided to give this Sushi Mentai a try.

All the sushi are either RM1.80 or Rm2.80 per plate. Damn cheap wei! Me is very happy because of the cheap sushi. I snapped the menu with price for you to see because the menu in their website no price one.

Me and Lap Cheong ordered sushi only because the sushi is cheap.

Warm Takoyaki and Mentai Tamako Yaki. The mentai tamako yaki is not bad, because got the sweet sweet mayonaise on top. The takoyaki got 1cm of octopus inside, if you taste carefully you can actually taste the octopus one, they no con you one.

Salmon nigiri is ok. Taste like the salmon nigiri selling in Aeon food section. Cannot be harsh on this la, the sushi rice is ok, not too much of vinegar and the rice is quite firm so when you kiap the sushi up the rice didn't drop anywhere.

Salmon mentai yaki and they called this hana tuna mayo sushi. Hana means flower in Japanese, you see this thing, you see, looks like a flower meh? But RM2.80 only, what do you expect, they said is flower you eat the flower la. Tuna dry already but still acceptable.

Seasoned Tsubugai. Do not order this longkang taste whelk. This whelk dish is up car food. Like chewing china made chewing gum with the taste of longkang. You know what is longkang taste? Let Ah Kambing tell you what is longkang taste. You go outside find a longkang and you go near near to the drain there and take a very deep breath like you are going to deliver a kambing out then you will know what is longkang taste.

We had 15 plates of sushi ( more or less) and 2 green tea. Total damaged = Rm40+ ( more or less)

Sushi Mentai is always crowded on the weekends and they have limited of seats. Me and Lap cheong is very unhappy after the dinner because our stomach is very cold. Do you understand the feeling of the feeling that you're full but you don't feel full? But the food in Sushi Mentai is ok, just ok. You can go try lor.

After sushi mentai, me and lap cheong went to mamak drink tomyam soup liao.

Location: Besides Chili Pan Mee Kepong

Monday, September 15, 2014

El Cactus confirm not selling cactus one

Da jia hao

If you see ah kiang posting here then you know he wented some restaurant eated and the experience is shitbrix so sharing with you all. So ah kiang is not hao at all.

The restaurant ah kiang is going to gutter today is called El Cactus Bistro and Bar Restaurant. I dunno they starting time want to sell cactus, do bistro, bar or restaurant but i think the owner fancy want to do everything so the name like that.

Honestly leh, ah kiang think the food here is OK lah, sure not finger licking good one.

But then when I read the people saying things on tripadvisor ah kiang thinks they all is maybe owner pay them to say good things one. The food got so good meh? Best in PD is it because they are the only restaurant selling Mexican food ah? Then ah kiang is the best maggi mee rebus milo peng in KL nehhh.

Anyways, before you kambing here to up car (I dunno why u still want to come after reading this but I cannot brain some ppl and u might be that some ppl I cannot brain) plis wearing mask or may kepit your nose with that klip klip thing u use to hang clothes. Because this place is full of GOO SAI! Seriously is many of them, your eyes cannot help but to focus on the sai man. See left got one see right got two see front got FOUR! What the shiiiiit.

What is goo sai you ask?

ah kiang even though is hakka ngin but let me brain you, goo sai is how Hokkien lang say cow shit. cow shit is also some people call as bullshit, tahi lembu, niu fen, ngiu si, cow dung. Has you ever been far more than know what is goo sai look like? If not, take MC drive to some kampung and ask the ppl there.

What's that black kaler thing that your car just guling on? NIU FEN LOR. You know you can see the sai clearer by clicking on the pic? The sai will see bigger on your computer one try and see.

So everything you eat here smelling like goo sai. Oh mai, very fresh somemore one. And even worser, got many many flies here that stop at the niu fen then come and kacau u. So you indirectly kena the sai you know.

Is like first time you go dating with your darling and you purposely buy 1 cup of juice so u 2 can share share but what you really think is to lick the straw after your darling drink because it's indirect kiss mahhh. Replace straw with fly and your darling with sai. Can you brain with me?

I tell you, Ah kiang faster eated and go back hotel bathe clean clean because cannot tahan the brain keep thinking I kena sai.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hou Xiang 60s Chee Cheong Fun in Bandar Sri Damansara

Ni hao, ah kambing is new here and ah kambing is going to story you this upcar place. So ah kambing and fellow friends are hungry so we went to eat this chee cheong fun becos we heard it is femes. So we drive here to eat the chee cheong fun but you must pay the parking ticket becos the kopi polis very hardworking to give you saman.

Hou Xiang Chee Cheong Fun

The interior is not bad, like normal cafe, got chairs, got tables, got lights, got aircond, got the chee cheong hun stall also. I let you see the wall deco.

Got many many babi on the wall so don't bring Ahmad and Siti come here to eat liao. It's not halal. I let you see some of the menu becos the menu is gooding, got big big pictures and price.

I is very happy to see menu with big big pictures so i can see before i decide to eat or not. I ordered Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun and Tea C peng. But my friend - Sotong helped me wrote wrongly, i want Onn Sun but he go write Har Gou Chee Cheong Fun (Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun). I don't like har gao how to eat the har gou chee cheong fun, i make sound to Sotong but the waitress heard me making sound so she very kind and ask if i want to change to Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun. I faster say i want so she helped me change liao.

This is Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun, it comes with a plate of vinegar mixed soy sauce sauce. I hate vinegar so i no put my chee cheong fun with the sauce. The Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun is so salty because inside got salted picked vege, i don't like salty salty so i swallow all the chee cheong fun fast fast so i don't have to taste it.

This is Har Gao Chee Cheong Fun ( Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun), i take picture just to show you all this is har gao chee cheong fun.

I like to eat chicken, so we ordered this Taiwanese style fried chicken. 6 pieces of fried chicken cost Rm6.80, 1 piece of fried chicken is Rm1.33 excluded service tax. 1 chicken can finish in 2 bites but if your mouth is big you can eat in 1 bite. This fried chicken is not bad but not gooding also because i no lick my finger.

This is Taiwanese sausage, but this Taiwanese sausage is not the Taiwanese sausage selling in pasar malam, the taste is different. But this sausage is not bad, You can order this sausage.

This is my teh c peng, you see the cup, they used 60's ah pek cup. But the cup seems new la no ahpek's saliva on the cup yet. The teh c peng is as sweet as me but tasteless one, i got taste one ok. So i don't like the teh c peng here.

I is will not come here again already because i cannot afford expensive chee cheong fun and no taste teh c peng.

Location: Refer to the title.

OIC from perak come open here liao

Ah Wok welkam all to new place here the Aman Suria there.
Here many parking and many shop here to eated but i go here
with my gf and her frens becoz this place new open.

I go parking i saw got snow white and dwarf patung at
the outside. I also got see they write sainbod say is 
buffet stimbot. I ask my gf why stimbod in afternoon when
is hot ? My gf say her fren wan come here so we teman.
Free food not Ah Wok pay is ok. 

So go in look menu got many thing all is the char chan teng style.
Ok, time to order. My gf and her frens all order duck thing noddle.
I need abit cili so i order nasi lemak coz the nasi lemak got 
the logo beside is got the 2 hand show up sign.

Lemme starting by tell all here this place is self serbis order.
Is like other kopitiam place where u take paper and pen and 
write down numbers. But this place more special they up 1
other kopitiam. After u finish writes the thing u want u have
go counter there line up and pay money first. 
Why ? Coz they dowan u shitbrix and complain many many
and then later dont pay. They want u pay first, shitbrix then
 GTFO. So here my resit.

Serbis good. 5 minit after give money then the drink come.
See water kaler know is honey lemon. can see but cannot
taste the honey or the lemon. Is for good look oni 1.

Teh peng kurang manis become teh peng kau manis.

 Here mebbe is still new so not full house still many place sit.
Air cond also is cold and furniture new new 1. 
Got sofa also fuUuUUUUU. The sofa sit many people 1.

I keep look around walk around until the food finally come.
But not my food is my gf and her fren food. Not good sign
becoz nasi lemak is faster to making than duck noddle but noddle
come first. Jialat lorrrrrrr

You see the sup is funny kaler. My gf order this and say this 
shitbrix. Cham lor pay oredi kenot make noise liao.

This my gf fren order 1. Eated until liddat then ask me to
help finish. U crazy ah ? Wan share thing also is early early
before u start eated then u ask la, why waits until u eated
half then ask me finid the other half ? Somemore if nais
is will eated all. This one konpirm sure shitbrix.
Becoz i man i go rejek her.

My latseiliama finally got come. One thing u all can see is
every bowl and plate here all is love heart shape. This place
for people in lub not for place for people to hungry.
This not really romantik becoz if i wan romantik i will bring my
gf go to tasik titiwangsa at nite. That is romantik, not love
shape bowl and plate with gutterfood.

So u see the cili sambai is yucky, the jiken is dry, got acat i 
no eat acat and the ikan bilis no head 1. Even my rice also
is heart shape. I wish u all spend more time cooking and 
making this got better taste than waste time decorate
my latseilliama. If liddis is 2 hand up then those got no hand
sign means is super shitbrix ? 

Lucky i not pay this time but still the food go into my
stamak i kesian my stamak have to eated all, shitbrix.
My gf fren say next time come here eated the stimbot 
but i quick say i rejek, i go kepong eated stimbot better
coz femes there. 

To me the menu u choose got the hand sign is better
than the no hand sign. 2 hand sign is my latseiliama
but oredi is shitbrix so u still will come here eated or not ?

OIC cafe/buffet steamboat
Aman Suria PJ
N3 07.263 E101 35.699

Thai Boat Noodle in Jaya One Is Not For Human Eats One

Hi Children

I see people many in fesbook post about Boat Noodle, so I wented to try in the nearest outlet, in PJ Jaya One.  I oso see many people stack many bowls on top, thinking wah, these people manyak fatso eated alot one. So being a big eater myself, i go try la.

Place ok la, many people. Is located same floor as Cold Storage.
RM1.90 per bowl, wah i think is so cheap, no wonder many people go order.
But this Jaya One outlet has no dry nodle, so dont put yr hopes high if you wan eated dry one. 
So i order the chikan and beef kwoay teow to try try. 

 TUNA MA FU LAT.... They come gip me this KIDDIE BOWL???

to see how small is small, see pic above. See how small you see? you see??? i tell you, you seee!!!

I normally don't curse one infront of children, but this one die die also must kasi kurse.
See the pic above? Thats just ngam ngam for ONE SPOON FULL of kwoay teow!!!! How eat??? You tell me??? No wonder people order damn lot of bowls! Imagine if i eated 10 spoons only full, that will be RM19 already! Somemore only one spoon, even children also eat like no eat liddat!!!

Somemore is COLD! You know why cold? Because to cater for many bowls, they make many bowls before hand, and waiter standing waiting for cook pour soup and boil nodles, bowl by bowl, until when reachness you, its cold! 

I eated this cold Kwoay Teow at night I sleep i macam pei gwai teow!!! Very sucks.

 see? this pic i curik from their FB and i purposely don wan kasi credit link coz i tulan.

Then got one fella eated more than 60 bowls.

Again, pic curik and no kasi kredit, u blow?

66 bowls amounts to RM125.40!!! Siao ar??!!!

See, children, aunty give you some lesson....
History say thai people on boats serve nodle not so many, sked burn thumb since boat always goyang goyang coz got water below, so put small amount... ok...BUT NOT THAT SMALL LA!!! And since its COLD... burn matt chatt also kenot la!

You go thailand you see they put so small amount? Somemore restoran in thailand serve more leh..
this one i curik from gwai lou blog, later kasi kredit coz he make aunty wet liao..hehe

See, restaurant in thai they give more portion. At least 3 to 5 spoon fulls la. -> u see this, actual use blood mix with soup to make black kaler plus spices for taste. ok la.
See the actual boat noodle in thailand...
see, is actually MORE than ONE SPOON of kwoay teow!!!!

Boat Noodle of Malaysia, you go pei gwai teow laaaa....  PTUI!!!PTUI!!!PTUI!!!

Verdict:  Food portion too small, too EXPENSE! But taste wise not bad...flavourful with lots of herbs and spice can feels when touchness your tongue, plus you can add sugar, chili flakes, sour sos, and fish sos to make more oomph macam thai people.
Conclusion: NEVER COME BACK AGAIN... Taste once, taste them all. No want come kena pei gwai teow at night coz you eat like you no eated liddat. How to eat la! Might as well eat air!!!! This place i fakau off no come no more. Is confirm not for human eat (for ghost maybe).

Location: PJ JAYA ONE (you go google gps la)