Friday, September 19, 2014

Ninja Joe make up car burger leh

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here this time in one utama with gf.
I go to here coz wan finding thing in Daiso and eated thing.

Walk walk sure hunger got come and i say to gf we long
time not have eated ninja joe. I see there got so we go ok?
Is small place but not have people so ok la. Sure slow 
cooking and tasting good since no people no que.

Ok number got on skrin there calling me go take. Wokay lor
self serbis ma self serbis lor. See gf order the burger set got
come wid fries. I steal 1, i regret coz the fry i stealing is
soft and cold. The toy on top is my gf putted so can
let all you see how small the burger is. Soooo small but
sooooo expense.

This cup is 7up. Ah Wok like 7up. This 7up same like i 
kena at old town that day. No gas 1. Something not rite.
No gas 7up is like drinks sugar add water. Up car jor liddis.

Here Ah Wok try do burger unboxing. But fail coz i lazy
wan take many piks. Ah Wok come here is to eated, not
take unboxing of burger.

I order the teriyaki burger coz i like teriyaki sos. For 
all you dunno, teriyaki is japanis people sos come from
japan. Is not cip but oso not expense sos. In my burger
not have taste teriyaki and cannot see the sos. Again i tell
you something wrong here liao. Up car liao liddis.

Here i show u this kad is bigger than burger. Fuiyoh. 
Burger expensip but no need until liddis ah ? So kiam
meh ? Wan until liddis ah fren ?

This where i up car 99. You see, this place no people but 
probrem come when i eated 1 mouth. I straight spit out.
Ah Wok know if i eated 3 mouth Ah Wok will end up
hospital shit brix. Meat not full cooks. 
Outside is cook inside not cook. 

Teriyaki sos really cannot find. What this ? Sos oso
dun hap, burger oso outside cook inside not cook.
How settle liddis ? 

Ah Wok straight pull GF go elsewhere eated. Next few door
got the chu yuk yin noddle we go. If eated this konpirm will
shit brix and end up klinik 24 jam. 

I rugi money but better rugi some money than end up
hospital pay more money. Nowaday klinik and hospital
is expense place. This Ninja Joe also is expense place
that will make you shit brix. Burger not cook full and 7up
no gas and fries cold and sos dun hap. This my last time
come here liao. 

Ninja Joe
One Utama
LG floor i think, is somewhere down there la.


Anonymous said...

Lucky i read tis post. Not going to try this shitbrix burger. The meat really not cook. You should complain let them make new for you.

I also want to warn your readers if go to BU Centrepoint Black Canyon never order the green curry chicken. The worst green curry ever. Not human eats one. I kena 2 times so beware.

Happy walker said...

lol, so cute the burger got toy 1 ah

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is entertaining thou lol....

Anonymous said...

That is the original ninja you order. It is that size. If you need bigger should order other higher priced ones.

Anonymous said...

that day i fed this upcar burger to my dog cos i dun wanna shitbrix ma, then my dog didn't shitbrix, but then he start shitting tiles. So I can use the tiles to renovate new floors.

Anonymous said...

How can eat pork burger not cook. pork got many worm later belly bloated. harooom

Anonymous said...

The shop chap lup already .... hahahahha

Anonymous said...

What is up car?

Anonymous said...

this fellow never went before and know nothing about the food portion... came from jungle???

Anonymous said...

Up car means 上車。in canto it means kena cheated liao.

Anonymous said...

This ah wok, ah Kambing and all the other idiots labeling themselves as anonymous and supporting this blog. Lol. Get a life, just eat at home if u want to criticize other places. U can't even cook like this.

The Secret Artist said...

I'm a chef and I approve this blog. Nowadays everybody wanna go into f&b business, but many lack of the knowledge and heart to improve simply because majority are just in it for the money.