Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thegutterfood goes international - Charlie Brown Cafe Hong Kong

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here. 
I got many thing wan share wid all u so i start with
this when i go Hong Kong that time.

Many moon oredi i wented wid my gf to Hong Kong
need relax coz take SPM not easy thing. Opposid my
hotel is this shitbrix place. My gf like this kind things
all the cute cute thing i oredi say is con pipu 1. So
i pull my fren and say if i upcar i make sure all upcar.

Here is menu.

Menu look very nais. In red u see malaysian kari rice.
Is their special......How la not to order their special. 
Special is must order 1. This thing is my sohem fren 
say 1. 

Here the HK ppl no servis u. U ownself servis u own.
They quite lansi 1. U order kaunter u pay u ownself
settle. See price oredi shitbrix, muz ownself settle 
summoar. Haiyo how can liddis 1?

Ah Wok take pics of beauty kek for all u look see look see.
Very nice. Dunno how many week oredi the thing in here.
So expense, so little ppl where can sell la. I suspek they
put many tahan thing to make the kek tahan long long.

 Look nais rite ? The blue kek look nais.

This yellow kek is liulian kek. Ah Wok no eat liulian 
so i forget this 1. No dare touch sked later poot poot 
the gas come out.

So after order pay money wait the things come table.
My sohem fren really go order the jiken rice. We balu 
reach here oredi miss malaysia food meh? 

Very expense yo! The blue kek i say juz nao is purple. 
WHYYYY is blue la not purple la.Watever la i kaler
blind la. is Ah Wok fault la coz Ah Wok oredi walk
in here, oredi is expect shitbrix jor but still walk in.
This bill i tell u i need working 2 year oni can pay off
coz Ah Wok not earning many money yet. Boss say after
i SPM finish then he up my monthly money.

This is pankek. Is come with sugar water and marjerin. They 
here no gib butter. Only gib thing sound like butter but is wan kok
and when i tasting is like marjerin. So kiam until wan liddat meh ?
The pankek is not the soft type. Is more like the not for human eated
type. I not bluff u 1. Really if u eated the marjerin and this pankek
konpirm u will shitbrix laosai jialat upcar 1.

This i tell u all. The malaysian kali fan. Here i wan tell
all u that the kali fan come out same time as the pankek.
Express leh.
I suspek they mikrowafe this 1. If not where can so
fast come my table?

Here is the charlie brown kek. Is HKD 45 for this small little
kucirat kek. I ask the girl inside got wat. Is it got gold or is 
it got special thing. She answer me bek u wan eated u eated
u dun tok tok so much. Wa piang ehhhhh u no big no small
i pay money oredi u say liddis. 

This the blue kek they call purple. Mebbe i tired coz airplane
balu land not long ago.

Okla all thing order almost come liao. Left back oni 1 more
thing not yet come. wait abit more shud come liao.

Yay the french tos come liao. Can eated oredi!

1st thing muz try the malaysian special kali lice. Is put in menu red
kaler and special. Special wat i dunno. Is look not good, is smell
bad and is like yapeksi oni. Why u servis me this kind of thing?
Eated that time i really beh tahan. Ptuiii Ptuiiiii

The kali no taste. I dunno wat they use. Santan or milk or wat
i dunno. Is not spicy. Is smelly. I malaysia that time never before
eat this kind of kali 1. I dunno this kali recipe come from which
jungle but i sure that jungle not anymore in malaysia.
I also gerenti u my fren order this 1 and he eated 1 bite and
pass me the rest. He think i DBKL eated all thing 1.
How la to eated this kind thing ?

Skip kali try this. They call this french tos. Ah Wok say 
this name wrong 1. Is akchelli ham chin peng. It look like
ham chin peng, taste like ham chin peng but the price not
like ham chin peng. Upcar jor lor.

See charlie brown kena eated. HAHAHAHAHA. That is all
can eated. 4 ppl eated charlie brown and cannot finish. U see
half eated is becoz the taste not like coklat. Is taste oso
like ham chin peng. When kek taste like ham chin peng
u know u ham ching peng oredi.

This oso is 4 ppl eated. Is no have the ham chin peng taste. This
taste like coconut wid ham chin peng. Once u eated this, u will
ham chin peng coconut.

After 1 hour oredi still kenot la. This really kenot la. No
matter wat i do oso kenot la.

Look the 2 ham chin peng and the kali rice. Look la. money
all waste jor. 

Here is expense HKD 30+ vanilla milk. Got abit taste like 
the ham chin peng but less. 

This oren jus. Is the best oren jus i ever taste 
coz they put many sugar inside and very abit
of oren. Is like drink sugar but got kaler.

If ever u going Hong Kong, this place u no need
come. U skip. If not u will upcar hamchinpeng i
tell you. 

Charlie Brown Cafe
Cameron Road Kowloon
Hong Kong


Happy walker said...

lol, i also want to eat kali fan soon liao~ nice sharing and its quite funny in a capalang english way~ =D

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

You went all the way to hong kong just to eat this crap? And another thing, LEARN ENGLISH BEFORE YOU BLOG!

Anonymous said...

this food blog not english blog la

Anonymous said...

this is the author's way to express and share his experiences using his unique colloquial English. nothing wrong with that.

chiewwl said...

Whoever bohsong, then duwan see lor..