Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thegutterfood goes international - Hong Kong Day in Hong Kong

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here at harbor something shopping
kompreks. I come here need walk 20 minit from hotel.
Very alot people. Hungry jor, time eated liao!

See this place so nais. Many people sure got big chance not
wrong 1. U all easy liao, this blog not tok good food. This
blog is tok shitbrix food. So if pic here, mean konpirm upcar! 

U look this wat. If u can guess mean u good liao. Coz i
got ask my fren wat order her she say she himself oso
dunno. Wah lauuuu liddat meh.

She then ask me try. Ok i try, Ok i take out camera fon
after i try. This yellow noddle, not noddle. Is salt. U see
the fake lobak or not? Ya is fake lobak. Look like lobak
not have taste lobak. 

This mine 1. Is fry rice wid salt. Got nothing inside
oni have rice and salt. Best douuuuuu must take pic
and put here.

Ah nao this 1 u guess is wat ? If u say this wantanmee
then i say u wrong jor. This not wantanmee. This salt 
noddle sup wid salt balls. Really super salt place. 
I now got 22 year old and i eated here all this is all 
the salt i eated in 22 year. Genggggg lehhhh!
Next time instead of add salt 22 year i juz need
come here 1 time then very bou oredi. Here enuf salt 1.

This my coca cola. Inside the coca cola u guess got wat?
Salt? No lah, this coca cola wei, where got salt. Is sugar
and water and ling mong and ais and gas. This is bestest
tasting thing here in this restoran coz no have the salt.

Really kenot eated this Soddle. salt noddle really not for
human eated 1. the salt ball oso is for ppl wan upcar or
die younger. If u got drink this sup, u otomatik countdown

The bill here few ppl eated is HKD 500+ i forgot jor.
I pay coz i know but i not have knows salt is expense
food. Salt not cip 1 meh ? This place oni for ppl who 
inside body not not enuf salt but is for ppl inside body
no salt. This more salt than my hamchinpeng at the
charlie brown cafe. Not for human eated 1 this place.

Hong Kong Day
Harbour City Mall
Hong Kong


Anonymous said...

hongkies are all hamsap lou

so eated all hamsap food.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ini halal ke tak halal ?