Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thegutterfood goes international - XFY Hong Kong

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here bring u fresh brix 
again is Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong femes is the dimsum. Very little chance
dimsum go wrong but i wrong. I is upcar in Hong Kong 
at this here place. 

I ask my gf she say this place Xiao Fei Yang.
I not sure coz i not clever people. 

Since me and gf and fren and other fren and some
more fren come here holiday, we eated the dimsum.
Walk in oredi is one kind feel u know like the
ghost come near near u then u kai pei come up
skin type feel. So anyway order lor oredi reach
here wat else can doing.

Call the aunty come......after 10 minit still
trying to get some aunty come.
After 20 minit aunty come but take sos
from our table gib other table.
After 35 minit another aunty come then
oni take our order.

This here i dunno wat. Is stick. Inside got wat
i also dunno coz too little to know. 9 ppl but eat
3 stick. Aunty say enuf 1. Stupik u aunty.

Ah this here femes the hong kong chee cheong fun.
The skin thick like they sked u not know is made of
chewing gum. Prawn got 4 inside. Sos taste is 
water mix wid the black water. Is cold.

This here lohbakgou no good. Is cold 1. 

If u can see this table we order many thing but come
little thing and come cold. The time we come in until 
this here got i think 2 hour jor.

The bestest char siew pau i ever eated.
is not this 1. 
The worstest char siew pau i ever eated
also not this 1.
This 1 is somewhere near to the worstest 
char siew pau i ever eated.

U see lau sar pau ? If u can see still here after 2 hour mean
something not korek jor. 

The bestest siew mai i ever eated.
is not this 1.
The worstest siew mai i ever eated.
also not this 1.
This siew mai is more worstest than
the worstest 1 ever eated.
Words just cannot simply describe this awesum.

Why ? Coz not  have full cook 1. 

See i tell u jor this place got go upstair dark dark. This lady 
no help u get place. Oni is here telling u upstair go. 
I dunno how much this restoran pay her, but i think
maybe pay in shitbrix dimsum.

I order take forever, serbis here shitbrix leh. Pay money oso
is shitbrix. HKD 350++ but like eated nothing coz 1 by 1
come out and after 20 min oni come 1 thing by 1 thing.
Place empty until got ghost but still can take many moon
before serbis u or cook for u. Dimsum come cold u know
will make u shitbrix 1. I wan jampi this place faster
chap lap bfore got more ppl come here shitbrix.

somewhere near apliu street
Hong Kong

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Anonymous said...

Wah lao, Hong Kong food is not for human eaten one. How can Hong Kong pipul still survive with their wanton mee?