Saturday, March 20, 2010

Penang imposter go sau pei lah

Welcome again to another penang gutterfood that is not in
penang area fail place thread thing. The title is long and i
post this at cybercafe again coz my friend comp need restart
coz too keng play the left 4 dead 2 until hang kei.

This is Seri Penang. The worst penang food you can ever
pay to eated in a place not in penang. This place really
con people money. Let Ah Wok explain to you why.

This is my drink. I very thirst so i order 2. Ice lemon tea
is to drink after i finish food. Chinese tea ice is to drink
now. Price of chinese tea ice, RM 1.80. Fuahhhhhh
Tai Thong baru cas people RM 1 unlimited refill.
What so special about this chinese tea ice until RM 1.80 ?
Is the taste. When you drink this tea is taste ....... nothing !
That why so special. No taste for RM 1.80. Is like water but
with some color.

This is penang lobak in seri penang. Is fail coz the meat
is not gooding, size is small, price is expense, and cili sos
is weird taste of limau and kari powder. At side of my lobak
is some acar thing that look like shit with nuts on top.

People serve lobak is with ginger slice or with century egg !
Where got people serve lobak with acar ? Lobak already is
fail here, the acar make it worst !!!!! Fuahhhh i so angry
i want turn the table upside down but because this place
got many security guard i not dare to do funny thing.

I order main meal is this recommended penang prawn noddle.
The bowl is shape funny to make it difficult to eated. The taste, is
so bad until i regret order after it come. Since here not serve pork,
they use chicken meat. And gimme 1 prawn which is not fresh and
baru come out from freezer. How i know ? Coz the kangkung
also come out from freezer. Is cold.

Brudder, my bowl so big, GIVE LA MORE PRAWN !!!
1 prawn is like so yam gung. If can u take back my 1/2 egg
and gimme more prawn coz i order prawn noddle NOT
egg noddle !!!! Talk about this summore i also fire hot.

Shitbrix food, shitbrix price, shitbrix place.
You see the resit ? Is write for 2 people.
I dunno who is other 1 but i know i sit alone with
my nintendo box on the chair. Cina teh ais RM 1.80 ....
Hahahahaha i water fish.
Fail prawn noddle with 1 prawn and no taste = RM 9.90
Failed chicken lobak RM 7.90.
Charge me serbis cas summore and still got
write at resit Tips : 0.00

Who give tips here is big big water fish. If no security
guard around i oredi turn table lor ! Summore got
write thank you please come again in resit.
Better you write thank you water fish, tomoro come again
and be water fish.

Seri Penang
Atria Damansara Jaya
N3 07.637 E101 37.013

Penang food not in penang is fail

Sorry all for long time no write. Many day i want post
this but my komputer still not have fix yet. So i have
go to cybercafe and post. But i go cybercafe i want post
i end up play left 4 dead 2.

This is in Aman Suria, just open not too long and they
open until late pass midnite. I sit outside coz i like sit
roadside but end up many mosquito. Bite me like
crazy. So i sit inside. Also kena bite like crazy.

Penang Street is restoran in Aman Suria but the food
not come from penang . Why ? Coz i order thing on menu
they what also dont have. Only have the penang fry rice.
Want asam laksa, no stock. Want chow kuey teow, no stock.
Want lobak, not inside menu.

Yes these pictar is show 2 different type of their
specially failed fry rice. One got color the other one
no color is because my friend not eated anything with
cili. What is fail about this ? I give u in point form coz
my game going to start jor. They wait me chiam them
in left 4 dead 2.

1 - Prawn fail coz too old. It got the "mui mui" texture.
2 - The rice fail, coz is very hard. Like just come out from fridge.
3 - Place fail coz mosquito bite me. My friend is smoker and he from
Australia. He smoke like chimney and mosquito still come bite us.
4 - Only fry rice on menu where can eated la. Penang lobak dun hap.
If you open penang food shop and tell people you not have stock for
asam laksa or char kuey teow, you sure kena teow.

I think this shop halal, i not sure. I no bother checking coz i dont care.
I no get dengue also is lucky. Shitbrix sure get wan lucky no dengue.

Penang Street
Aman Suria
N3 07.207 E101 35.678