Saturday, March 20, 2010

Penang food not in penang is fail

Sorry all for long time no write. Many day i want post
this but my komputer still not have fix yet. So i have
go to cybercafe and post. But i go cybercafe i want post
i end up play left 4 dead 2.

This is in Aman Suria, just open not too long and they
open until late pass midnite. I sit outside coz i like sit
roadside but end up many mosquito. Bite me like
crazy. So i sit inside. Also kena bite like crazy.

Penang Street is restoran in Aman Suria but the food
not come from penang . Why ? Coz i order thing on menu
they what also dont have. Only have the penang fry rice.
Want asam laksa, no stock. Want chow kuey teow, no stock.
Want lobak, not inside menu.

Yes these pictar is show 2 different type of their
specially failed fry rice. One got color the other one
no color is because my friend not eated anything with
cili. What is fail about this ? I give u in point form coz
my game going to start jor. They wait me chiam them
in left 4 dead 2.

1 - Prawn fail coz too old. It got the "mui mui" texture.
2 - The rice fail, coz is very hard. Like just come out from fridge.
3 - Place fail coz mosquito bite me. My friend is smoker and he from
Australia. He smoke like chimney and mosquito still come bite us.
4 - Only fry rice on menu where can eated la. Penang lobak dun hap.
If you open penang food shop and tell people you not have stock for
asam laksa or char kuey teow, you sure kena teow.

I think this shop halal, i not sure. I no bother checking coz i dont care.
I no get dengue also is lucky. Shitbrix sure get wan lucky no dengue.

Penang Street
Aman Suria
N3 07.207 E101 35.678

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Extreme Power said...

Nice stuff. Will go over after my badminton game next time.