Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dark dark place eated what oso dunno

We is back ! We taking the many day away so can
come back fresh fresh write many thing for all you
to reading.

This is chinese restoran which i eated not too long
ago. All you must remember no come here.

This place inside shopping compreks is hard find
parking inside and outside. When go in must
careful coz they no money buy light. So if u no walk
properly is can easy fall down and "PK".

This place servis is bad. I wan self servis also they
no let and scold me. So must waited them free oni
they is come serbis u. Wa lau, this place is pratise you
patience. Make u wait long long.

And also ah, you order must checkin properly make
sure repeat 25 time. Coz i order same thing 20 time
and still can come wrong thing. I got order the pork
rib i think 10 time but still no come. So minimum is
must tell them 25 time i think.

I order many thing but not sure wat come. Coz is dark dark
inside. The pot u see up there in pikture is coz my camera
got flash. If no flash u see dark dark and not see pot. I
purposely put 1 pau yee there to tell you if you eated this
"hoi mei pou" for 10 ppl, u oni get that 1 small pau yee.
I ask around table and oni i get that.

The piktar up there, i dunno is what but i know is expense
and shitbrix. So not worth telling anything other than i kena

I order many thing, but is only come few thing and is
not what i order. My fish is fail, my pork no have come,
my vege is shitbrix, my dessert is sux and that plate is
something that i dunno. The portion is small but the price
is rocket high. The place is dark dark, kenot see shit, the
servis is bestest in the world where they no let you self
servis and u wait 10 minit for them bring u white rice and
20 minit for pour tea into your cup.

I hope they close shop soon. coz if eated here is will be
more hunger.

Reunion chinese restaurant
Bangsar Village 2
N3 07.810 E101 40.271


Anonymous said...

Hey, are you trying to be funny?

If so, good luck, you made some laughs with your language, but not your content.

Your content is neither convincing nor descriptive. You failed at all visible goal except making fun of your own language.

What I am concerned is, if you are actually writing this way purposely, then, Fuck you, because you make it look like Chinese people can't speak correct English.

If you are Chinese and trying so hard to write proper English, I beg you to get some help, and Fuck you TOO, because you are fucking embarrassing. Or I can put it this way because you wouldn't understand English anyway:

Anonymous said...

why so serious? People speaks broken English and you fuck him... Just ignore him if you cannot bear him

Anonymous said...

keyboard warrior spotted.
got balls dont remain anon you fag

edwin said...

What is wrong with these people !
Reading other people blog with such anger ! If you don't like this blog ! go fly kite lah ! who ask you to come here ! How do you feel if i were to come to your house and tell u your pyjama sucks !! GO GET A LIFE !!

Unknown said...

Edwin, your argument only makes sense if the house is in the middle of a shopping mall, with glass walls, windows, doors open, then, you are probably very welcomed to criticize the owner's pajamas.

At the end, internet is an open place for open discussion.

The owner of this blog did not restrict access to anyone or disable the comments. That means he is willing to accept what the world has to say.

On the other hand Edwin, you disabled your blogger profile to the public. So no one will see it and no one will care to say anything.

This is life, this is the internet. We are all already "flying kite" by visiting this place in the first place.

Anonymous said...

This restaurant is the bestest.
1. If you can't wait, go hawker stall, you can get your food within 5 minutes.
2. This restaurant special make you wait long long so that you felt the expensive bill worthing, for the high rennovation cost they invest in, for the food they slowly prepare for you so that you felt precious.
3. They make you wait so that you can relax, enjoy their aircond and environment.
4. They specially make dark dark so that you can do something with your gf before food arrived.
5. They specially make dark dark so that you just eat and don't see the ingedient in their food, cheap ingedient still can make good food mar..

I like this bestest restaurant.

Anonymous said...

and one more, how to charge you high high if you only want self service???!!!

Anonymous said...

i have actually been to some of the places that were featured in here. True enough, i'm a believer of gutterfood blog. Their english might not make much sense but it certainly sheds a new kind of light for entertainment reading material.

However, i do believe there are hidden meanings which are meant to puzzle. Those places that were highlighted are really terrible eateries. Places such as Liwagu Cafe that was featured, i was there and i did regret having to dine there in sabah. Even the Sakae sushi japanese restaurant was certainly not worth its weight in price.

To the bloggers of this website, i honestly encourage all of you to carry on doing this. Take the criticsm with a pinch of salt and keep up the good work. Expose those rubbish restauranters and shame them. What you are doing is great community work and i applaud such work.

Esther Lim

Anonymous said...

i hate those high class restoran who lansi lanyong wif u as tho ur money is smaller than the angmoh one

bangsar no chinese food can eated one , dun even try.

Anonymous said...

Betul betul.....please go gutter Sakae Sushi, especially the Subang Parade branch...I kena gau gau from them..@$%^@$#%@#$^%$&^%$

Anonymous said...

If you want to fuck him why do want to beg him.

What do you mean by: if you are actually writing this way purposely.

Correction: if you are actually WROTE this purposely. Get it right FAG.

P.S. My Uncle Edwin RULES!!!!! (and he doesn't know Chinese)

Miss Barbie said...

Actually, is korek to say all chinapek here kenot speak gooding engrish.

Coz we are malehsians. All malehsians speak gutter engrish.


korek lah!!! ^_^

JAI said...


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mybiebie said...

i luv nien nien taufu..

Anonymous said...

Why long time no new blog? kena hantam by people ah ? or in hospital coz eated too many gutter food.