Friday, September 19, 2014

Old Town again until my IQ also drop and i up car

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here this time wants telling you i 
again the up car at old town white kopi place but at Paradigm Mall
kelana jaya there. This time abit more got spesial coz
my IQ drop many point down by come here.

I up car so many time at old town white kopi until
i not have enuf finger and toe to count liao. 

Ah Wok supposing meet fren here at shoppin kompreks
but he not yet have come so i call him on hanfon. 

Tut Tut Tut he piking up and we chat but i scolding.

Me: Where are now ?
Mr A: I on way
Me: Where eated ? Where sit me ?
Mr A: Old town white kopi up floor there
Me: %$#!$%#^%^#&#^#&#$%%%$#^
Mr A: Fast 55 1 la ok 1 i telling you
Me: &@%^%$^%#&^*^$&^#^^%@
Mr A: U last time $#!%#$ now still liddat meh?
Me: Old town i up many car until now i dowan up jor
Mr A: $#!%!$#%$%@# old town la
Me: $#@!%#%$%#$%^#%&@^ u like la

Fon end. So i walking in old town kopi there i up car
so many time i go in sure my IQ drop some more. What to
do my fren wan so ok lor u win all liao lor.

I see menu got new thing so i order. Pan mee konlou 1 plate
then order the set come with 7up. Ok since i up car here b4
better i order 2 thing. So i order the egg toast just in case
pan mee up car so must have bekup. Ah Wok use smarts.

Wah liauuuu noddle come dun look like pan mee. Why
they cooking with half boil egg ??????
Who got eated pan mee half boil egg ? I dunno why
got half boil egg my IQ straight drop 10 point. Last time i
go to pusat sain negala there i testing my IQ got 27 point
total. Now drop 10 more i left back got 18 point i think. Ah Wok
mathematik not so good so i round up the number. But why why
why is half boil egg 1 ???? 

I zoom in for all you see propery. Is Half boil egg wei !
The noddle i tell u is so soft until lam pek pek liddat who 
wan eated this ? Eated liao konpirm shit brix !!!!!
I eated 2 bite i leave it. 

This is bekup order my egg toast. The kaya is so lousy taste 
like expire kaya. The egg toast u see the piktur that all i eated.
I not dare eated anymore after brix also cannot shit. This taste
like marjerin burn liao those thing.

Ah Wok IQ drop, stomak also got hunger, bill also expense
not eated but still have to pay. 7up also come no more gas 1.
If 7up no buble no gas means is not nais to drink. I up many
car here jor this one must be last up car if not i really not many
IQ point left and brix oso kenot shitted. 

Old Town White Coffee
Paradigm Mall
Up floor there


Anonymous said...

I know there's nothing to shout about the food but i thought half boiled egg in pan mee, especially the chilli pan mee is rather common these days? I saw on TV foodies programme.

Just my thought, as i never like half boiled eggs on anything as well.

Anonymous said...

They serve you half boiled eggs so that you wouldn't have to chew so much

Anonymous said...

fren wat is up car ? i try translate to cantonese oso dun get it wor

Up car???


myduacents said...

They're supposed to serve it with poached egg, not half boiled egg. Should have sent the food back to kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Up car in canto is "siong cher" lo

VERY Concerned Citizen said...

Professor,I think I lost 100 points off my IQ just by reading your blog...!

Anonymous said...

Up car means kena tipu

Anonymous said...

My IQ dropped a few points reading this

Joez said...

Haha! In Penang we say Khi Chia for Up Car.

Anonymous said...

the word "up car" used by author is a directly translated from Cantonese "seong chea (上車") which literally means well... getting into the car. but it doesn't mean that way because in urban language (for Chinese), "up car" means "leaving" which assuming if you are driving. XD

Anonymous said...

old town coffee.. as the name implies, is only OK for coffee.. fodd SUCKS!!.. you lost your IQ by even thinking of eating there in the first place!!

Anonymous said...

sorry.. typo.. fodd=food