Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hou Xiang 60s Chee Cheong Fun in Bandar Sri Damansara

Ni hao, ah kambing is new here and ah kambing is going to story you this upcar place. So ah kambing and fellow friends are hungry so we went to eat this chee cheong fun becos we heard it is femes. So we drive here to eat the chee cheong fun but you must pay the parking ticket becos the kopi polis very hardworking to give you saman.

Hou Xiang Chee Cheong Fun

The interior is not bad, like normal cafe, got chairs, got tables, got lights, got aircond, got the chee cheong hun stall also. I let you see the wall deco.

Got many many babi on the wall so don't bring Ahmad and Siti come here to eat liao. It's not halal. I let you see some of the menu becos the menu is gooding, got big big pictures and price.

I is very happy to see menu with big big pictures so i can see before i decide to eat or not. I ordered Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun and Tea C peng. But my friend - Sotong helped me wrote wrongly, i want Onn Sun but he go write Har Gou Chee Cheong Fun (Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun). I don't like har gao how to eat the har gou chee cheong fun, i make sound to Sotong but the waitress heard me making sound so she very kind and ask if i want to change to Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun. I faster say i want so she helped me change liao.

This is Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun, it comes with a plate of vinegar mixed soy sauce sauce. I hate vinegar so i no put my chee cheong fun with the sauce. The Onn Sun Chee Cheong Fun is so salty because inside got salted picked vege, i don't like salty salty so i swallow all the chee cheong fun fast fast so i don't have to taste it.

This is Har Gao Chee Cheong Fun ( Shrimp Paste Chee Cheong Fun), i take picture just to show you all this is har gao chee cheong fun.

I like to eat chicken, so we ordered this Taiwanese style fried chicken. 6 pieces of fried chicken cost Rm6.80, 1 piece of fried chicken is Rm1.33 excluded service tax. 1 chicken can finish in 2 bites but if your mouth is big you can eat in 1 bite. This fried chicken is not bad but not gooding also because i no lick my finger.

This is Taiwanese sausage, but this Taiwanese sausage is not the Taiwanese sausage selling in pasar malam, the taste is different. But this sausage is not bad, You can order this sausage.

This is my teh c peng, you see the cup, they used 60's ah pek cup. But the cup seems new la no ahpek's saliva on the cup yet. The teh c peng is as sweet as me but tasteless one, i got taste one ok. So i don't like the teh c peng here.

I is will not come here again already because i cannot afford expensive chee cheong fun and no taste teh c peng.

Location: Refer to the title.


Anonymous said...

har gou chee cheong fun nice la.
i use to go paramount gardens got this korner korner kopi shop eated the cheecheong fun with extra har gou.

best liao

Anonymous said...

this shop can also be found in new taman sea right ?

amir rizwan said...

hahaha. many many babi.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! If you are looking for epic fail food, I think one of the worst is Johnny Rockets at The Curve. I hated it - http://sirburpsalot.blogspot.com/2013/12/johnny-rockets-worst-burger-ever.html

Maybe you can go try and see what you think.

Anonymous said...

if teh c peng boh taste, means it is hang kui sui right? :D

Moman Tai Lah said...

wah ! i found my tai kor !!! suka your blog till max hahahaha

Anonymous said...

omggg. i beh tahan your blog post. too funnyyyyyy! love ya

Anonymous said...

" But the cup seems new la no ahpek's saliva on the cup yet. The teh c peng is as sweet as me but tasteless one, i got taste one ok. "

I CANNOT TAHAN LIAOOOO. you are so funnnnyyyyyy!! hahhahah

ahlost said...

hahahahahaha !! wa suka lu mia blog.. !!!

there's one tasteless but got color mia drinks.. at demak laut kuching O.o

Kash said...

LOL!!! Love your blog....many many babi!

Anonymous said...

teh "c" peng not supposed to be sweet

Anonymous said...

i been there b4, really once enuf. Expensive like it is opened in a high class shopping mall.

Anonymous said...

Very good ! Sebijik hahahahahaha .

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaaha! Your blog is so funny! Nice one! Keep it up!