Monday, September 8, 2014

Jiken Lice At Tesco Ara Damansara is worstest in the world champion

Ni Hao! Ah Wok today telling u this is worstest chicken
rice in the world ! Even Esquire Kitchen also lose to this.

This place here is Tesco Ara Damansara food kot. This place new
open not too long ago 1. Table chair all new and parking free 
and many place parking and sitting.

 So i first time come here eated wid my gf cause we need
buy many thing in tesco and very litle time to shopping.
Lunchtime come liao straight order then sit down eated.
I like jiken rice. Is nais stuff but this jiken rice is full of fails.

If you got look closely the sos very red kaler 1. If u spread it out 
properly it will pinkish pinkish. Look the side of my plate 
near the rice there. It become from red kaler become pink kaler.

 Ok here is what my gf order. See also this chap fan also no mood
jor. Not cheap yo ! I forgot how much paying and resit oredi
wet is from my drink spill.

 Ok come back to the shitbrix jiken rice first. Must investigate like 
CSI. See why the sos can turn kaler and why the jiken taste so weird.
Is really bad jiken. The taste i tell you ah like nothing you ever taste
before in this world 1. I cannot jipsau this kind of taste 1. 

MAHEM! Look is pink paint ! No wonder la !

Zoom in abit more for all you see. 

FUIYOH ! Pink paint and then i taking the wet tisu wipe also
come pink kaler ! WEI WHAT 7 YOU USE TO MAKE 

I no eated jiken rice can change kaler before. Give u also u dont wanted
also la. I really ah, got poison inside my tummy jor. How la liddis ?
Why use pink kaler paint wei ? Is jiken rice only, so hard to make meh ?
PINK WEI PINKKKKKK! Hailat lor liddis. I really regret come here.
Not only sked u, but this confirm make u shitbrix. I have to flush
with many tin of 100plus and when i poopoo i sked to see if pink kaler 
got come out or not. 

Warning, this place the jiken rice dont come here eated !
Is really not for human eated 1. i 10000% confirm u come
here u ownself ask for probrem. If you see Ah Wok start
writting this blog in pink kaler then u know the poison
go inside my body oredi and finish liao.

Food Court (Jombali)
Tesco Ara Damansara


Anonymous said...

i like you to try food at otak otak restaurant at tropicana city mall.

the food there also like shitty.order koey teow soup but there is no soup.only hot water pour into koew teow.

and the otak otak full of oil.
hope you can make preview at that shitty restaurant

the interior is nice but the food is failed

Anonymous said...

Hi UpCar...

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm glad you/team are back. i LOL at your reviews a lot. so farnee!

Ah Soon said...

Oohh why u insult Pink Kaler???

sei hamsap lou, bring gf but no bring me??? tunasing....

i no let you eatness my Pink Blossoms anymore.


Anonymous said...

DIIUUUUUUU!!!!!!! today bat yut sap emm and why you so lan hau?

Ah Soon said...

PUKKIMMAAA!!! If i no lan hau, how to ngau yan your gugubird leh????

Anonymous said...


Trislynnchan said...

"PINK WEI PINKKKKKK! Hailat lor liddis."

betol betol hailat! hahahahahhha!

Anonymous said...

jombali is lousy la. like that also you don't know ah

Anonymous said...

u can criticize food that you dont like, but the way you criticize shows that you are very likely uneducated. Very low B words, and least standard explanation. The worst thing is, the responses from other readers like Ah Soon (your friend I believe), and Trislynn Chan (name also cacat). Anyway thanks for sharing your bad experience.