Friday, September 5, 2014

Yunlai Huat is got make you no huat i gerenti u

Ni hao ! Ah Wok again here come show u dimsum that not for human
eated 1. This place in ara damansara last time the NZX femes place there
but since is dead place i tot this place also dead but i see a few table
got people so i go in with my gf try.

This place got parking cause is got no people come.
Syiok i tell you.

But only the parking is easy find is good thing. The rest all here not good
thing. Is bad news. All you see is make u shitbrix. The siew mai is hard. 
The xiu lung bao is just xiu. And the sup inside the xiu lung bao oredi
is become dry coz somewhere got hole so all come out. QC fail jor. 

Then come this chee cheong fun. i like chee cheong fun but not this 1 here.
I tell you ah this kicap also is just water and salt and kaler. More watery
than water lah. Then the char siew is really smell funny. Taste funny also.
This one u eated liao can straight bekam vegetalian liao.

This one special they say herbal thing fish ball dunno what. I got bad 
luck eated at the euyansang place in midvalley now i kena this. Aiyah
what man. herbal smell got, herbal taste no hap. If u think this herbal 
smell is nice u is not right somewhere. 

 Ok, this the hilite of this blog post. I order char siew rice coz the 
char siew in my chee cheong fun is shitbrix. This one also same. 
The rice is normal, made with planta. Planta smell very strong very kau.
I no like the planta smell. Then the char siew is few piece oni. 

Look i eated few piece char siew but still got many rice. How la liddat ?
U all so kiamsiap until need liddis meh ? Give la less rice or more char siew
See also know oredi is not balan la!  

Ah Wok finish char siew liao. Now Ah Wok eat fishball with planta rice.
Aijohhhhhh so cham.
oh and taste really shitbrix.

This the loh mai kai. Dun order this oso. You sure shitbrix. i gerenti.

The egg tat also u dun order. Is i think 5 day old liao. 

 You see the ais i order. They no give me the kiapkiap metal thing.
They no even gib spoon. If i use hand later my gf scold me say i from
jungle come 1 la, no manners la. So i use Ah Wok special teknik from 
my left side of the brain and steal my neighbor table mia soya sos
plate and use as spoon to kiap the ais. 

My bill without the char siew rice. They purposely gimme another
bill for the char siew rice. I pay also no syiok coz i eated funny thing
with bad taste, bad serbis and bad everything.

Why you even do bisnes i also dunno. U wan serbis u serbis properly la.
Everytime i see this piktar of char siew rice make me not want char
siew rice anymore. So sad have to be charsiewfishball planta rice. 
I no come back here again with my gf. EVER! 

Yunlai Huat
Ara Damansara


Happy walker said...

lol, tabuli in machem~ XD

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

feeney said...

metal kiap kiap thing

Anonymous said...

dont know how to speak proper english? what a fucking embarrasment

Anonymous said...

u understand i understand then ok.. if people dont understand then dont understand lo ~~ hehehehe

Anonymous said...

It is liddat la..u no like can upcar nobadi force u la. Shitbrix la

Anonymous said...

the metal kiap kiap thing has a name, its called metal thong thong thong thong thonggggg

Anonymous said...

eh hello, people want to call it metal kiap kiap, then it is metal kiap kiap. This your blog or his blog now?

Anonymous said...

Punctuate properly, you fucking embarrassment.