Monday, September 15, 2014

El Cactus confirm not selling cactus one

Da jia hao

If you see ah kiang posting here then you know he wented some restaurant eated and the experience is shitbrix so sharing with you all. So ah kiang is not hao at all.

The restaurant ah kiang is going to gutter today is called El Cactus Bistro and Bar Restaurant. I dunno they starting time want to sell cactus, do bistro, bar or restaurant but i think the owner fancy want to do everything so the name like that.

Honestly leh, ah kiang think the food here is OK lah, sure not finger licking good one.

But then when I read the people saying things on tripadvisor ah kiang thinks they all is maybe owner pay them to say good things one. The food got so good meh? Best in PD is it because they are the only restaurant selling Mexican food ah? Then ah kiang is the best maggi mee rebus milo peng in KL nehhh.

Anyways, before you kambing here to up car (I dunno why u still want to come after reading this but I cannot brain some ppl and u might be that some ppl I cannot brain) plis wearing mask or may kepit your nose with that klip klip thing u use to hang clothes. Because this place is full of GOO SAI! Seriously is many of them, your eyes cannot help but to focus on the sai man. See left got one see right got two see front got FOUR! What the shiiiiit.

What is goo sai you ask?

ah kiang even though is hakka ngin but let me brain you, goo sai is how Hokkien lang say cow shit. cow shit is also some people call as bullshit, tahi lembu, niu fen, ngiu si, cow dung. Has you ever been far more than know what is goo sai look like? If not, take MC drive to some kampung and ask the ppl there.

What's that black kaler thing that your car just guling on? NIU FEN LOR. You know you can see the sai clearer by clicking on the pic? The sai will see bigger on your computer one try and see.

So everything you eat here smelling like goo sai. Oh mai, very fresh somemore one. And even worser, got many many flies here that stop at the niu fen then come and kacau u. So you indirectly kena the sai you know.

Is like first time you go dating with your darling and you purposely buy 1 cup of juice so u 2 can share share but what you really think is to lick the straw after your darling drink because it's indirect kiss mahhh. Replace straw with fly and your darling with sai. Can you brain with me?

I tell you, Ah kiang faster eated and go back hotel bathe clean clean because cannot tahan the brain keep thinking I kena sai.


hcaz said...

best food review website I've ever visited. keep up the amazing work!

Anonymous said...

Can I know what does "upcar" mean hahahah

Duncan Kon said...

Upcar means 上车 in Chinese. It reflects you been trapped for something not so good without knowing it.

Happy walker said...

lol, laugh die me!

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha.. Epic post :D

Anonymous said...

the word "up car" used by author is a directly translated from Cantonese "seong chea (上車") which literally means well... getting into the car. but it doesn't mean that way because in urban language (for Chinese), "up car" means "leaving" which assuming if you are driving. XD