Friday, September 5, 2014

Zun Express make me shitbrix

Ni Hao! Ah Wok now back in aksyen liao. I missing long time i soli 
cause i try resiting my SPM for 5 time liao and this time hope i got pass
if not my gf will scolding me. More on that later. Meanwhile i and my
gf got go to here at Midvalley Megamall there.

We go lunchtime many people here so find this one not so many go
in sit down lor.

First we order

Wah i see euyansang oredi i beh syiok liao. So many place choose to
sit but we sit in this shop sell expensip herb.

Fuiyoh u see my soup kaler, u see also u no wan continue drink.
Taste like water, not hot, is cold warm kind. It look and tasting
like someone wash the dirty plate water 1. 

Here i kiap the something come up for all u see. I dunno
what this but i just kiap oni, not dare eated.

My gf order this hor yip rice thing. Eat few spoon dowan liao coz
my gf say dry, not nice, no taste, no smell. Walau my money
gone la if u not eated finish. 

Then here coming the chu kiok chou. Again my gf see also 
no wan touch. The pig leg got freezer smell, the vinegar is
full of tasteless black water and the dish come serve cold.
Wat man! How can liddis 1 ?

This is my mun fun. They mun until forget put in meat. Only got some
prawn lups inside. Also no taste and no smell and no flavor. This i wan
pengsan liao. Eated really no kick. 

Is nice cosy clean bright yes ?

Halfway eat no light. I tot is like TGIF they off light sing birdday song
but i wrong. Is really off light and no song no nothing 1. HOW TO EATED

You all no pay bill to management tell la earlier !
I walk in hi klass place try eated hi klass food and here u
all drop klass in front of my gf. 

Bill come kai sou, very klass price. Even waiter name also hi klass.
Mr Bruce Lee serbis us maybe that why the price hi. 
And is not 5 guest, is 2 people only where u find the other 3 ?
Is because they no pay bill for light so maybe can see other thing gua ?

No la this place not for human eated 1. The food here really ah
maybe can up become gutterfood 2014 champion 1. 

The Zun Express
Midvalley Megamall


Anonymous said...

Eu Yan Sang mineral water...drink oledi u can fly kite liao

Anonymous said...

I read your english and now i know why need to resit SPM 5 times LOL.