Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OIC from perak come open here liao

Ah Wok welkam all to new place here the Aman Suria there.
Here many parking and many shop here to eated but i go here
with my gf and her frens becoz this place new open.

I go parking i saw got snow white and dwarf patung at
the outside. I also got see they write sainbod say is 
buffet stimbot. I ask my gf why stimbod in afternoon when
is hot ? My gf say her fren wan come here so we teman.
Free food not Ah Wok pay is ok. 

So go in look menu got many thing all is the char chan teng style.
Ok, time to order. My gf and her frens all order duck thing noddle.
I need abit cili so i order nasi lemak coz the nasi lemak got 
the logo beside is got the 2 hand show up sign.

Lemme starting by tell all here this place is self serbis order.
Is like other kopitiam place where u take paper and pen and 
write down numbers. But this place more special they up 1
other kopitiam. After u finish writes the thing u want u have
go counter there line up and pay money first. 
Why ? Coz they dowan u shitbrix and complain many many
and then later dont pay. They want u pay first, shitbrix then
 GTFO. So here my resit.

Serbis good. 5 minit after give money then the drink come.
See water kaler know is honey lemon. can see but cannot
taste the honey or the lemon. Is for good look oni 1.

Teh peng kurang manis become teh peng kau manis.

 Here mebbe is still new so not full house still many place sit.
Air cond also is cold and furniture new new 1. 
Got sofa also fuUuUUUUU. The sofa sit many people 1.

I keep look around walk around until the food finally come.
But not my food is my gf and her fren food. Not good sign
becoz nasi lemak is faster to making than duck noddle but noddle
come first. Jialat lorrrrrrr

You see the sup is funny kaler. My gf order this and say this 
shitbrix. Cham lor pay oredi kenot make noise liao.

This my gf fren order 1. Eated until liddat then ask me to
help finish. U crazy ah ? Wan share thing also is early early
before u start eated then u ask la, why waits until u eated
half then ask me finid the other half ? Somemore if nais
is will eated all. This one konpirm sure shitbrix.
Becoz i man i go rejek her.

My latseiliama finally got come. One thing u all can see is
every bowl and plate here all is love heart shape. This place
for people in lub not for place for people to hungry.
This not really romantik becoz if i wan romantik i will bring my
gf go to tasik titiwangsa at nite. That is romantik, not love
shape bowl and plate with gutterfood.

So u see the cili sambai is yucky, the jiken is dry, got acat i 
no eat acat and the ikan bilis no head 1. Even my rice also
is heart shape. I wish u all spend more time cooking and 
making this got better taste than waste time decorate
my latseilliama. If liddis is 2 hand up then those got no hand
sign means is super shitbrix ? 

Lucky i not pay this time but still the food go into my
stamak i kesian my stamak have to eated all, shitbrix.
My gf fren say next time come here eated the stimbot 
but i quick say i rejek, i go kepong eated stimbot better
coz femes there. 

To me the menu u choose got the hand sign is better
than the no hand sign. 2 hand sign is my latseiliama
but oredi is shitbrix so u still will come here eated or not ?

OIC cafe/buffet steamboat
Aman Suria PJ
N3 07.263 E101 35.699


Happy walker said...

i like ur england is too powderful to read liao~

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Mypinkgarage.blogspot.com said...

Your England too ....ahhhhhh speechless

Anonymous said...

WTF latseiliama lolololllllol

Anonymous said...

Excuse me sir, may i suggest that you attend proper english classes first before posting ?

Anonymous said...

^ ^ dei punde fuck off la

Anonymous said...

Titiwangsa abah ko romantic

Anonymous said...

I like your engrish lerr... so, sarcasm one..

eRiCa said...

Hahaha so entertaining!

Anonymous said...

I believe the blog is more to food critism. And her english is definitely is better than your's that she is able to write it down in a creative way.

Anonymous said...

you sir, sarcasm meter rosak or u r just pure damn stupid?

Anonymous said...

why would u even go that extra mile to eat shitty food anyway? If it's so shitty and people dun realise it, let them shitty people eat shitty food, I dun understand why u hv to condemn on the restaurants u visit. It's not easy to run a business too, when food critics give their comments, more often than not, they expect improvements, whereas what I see here is pure attention seeking.

Leechy said...

It takes pure talent to write like this consistently till the end. Brilliant! I like.

Anonymous said...

no, it only takes a dumbass to write like this all the time. the author is either retarded or plain ah beng.

Anonymous said...

Creative writing. Hilarious. This is what bloggers do. Whether if the food is good or bad. Write and share experiences. Not boring and very Malaysia. Those who comment about the intentional english I have to say you're pretty dumb. The negative comment above, hmmmm... r u the owner? Then bloody buck up!

Anonymous said...

i love the postings by this author. simply fascinating and truly a fresh breath of creativity flowing through in here. Keep it up Mr Wok.

Anonymous said...

Simply entertaining. Kudos! (2 thumbs up like on the menu)

Anonymous said...

Go the extra mile? Wth r u yammwering about? Obviously u wouldnt know wat to expect of the food before u even tried it rite? N he was nice to share his honest opinion wif his readers wat he thinks. I dun see wat's wrong with that. If the owner cant't accept criticism of their food for improvement, then he/she shouldnt even open the cafe in the 1st place. N u sour grape sounds like u are the owner

Anonymous said...

Give u 1 like

West said...

Well done! Great