Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sushi Mentai in Kepong

That day the night is not good, got rain but me and my friend lap cheong need to find a restaurant for dinner because we were very hungry. We were patrolling around in Kepong area and decided to give this Sushi Mentai a try.

All the sushi are either RM1.80 or Rm2.80 per plate. Damn cheap wei! Me is very happy because of the cheap sushi. I snapped the menu with price for you to see because the menu in their website no price one.

Me and Lap Cheong ordered sushi only because the sushi is cheap.

Warm Takoyaki and Mentai Tamako Yaki. The mentai tamako yaki is not bad, because got the sweet sweet mayonaise on top. The takoyaki got 1cm of octopus inside, if you taste carefully you can actually taste the octopus one, they no con you one.

Salmon nigiri is ok. Taste like the salmon nigiri selling in Aeon food section. Cannot be harsh on this la, the sushi rice is ok, not too much of vinegar and the rice is quite firm so when you kiap the sushi up the rice didn't drop anywhere.

Salmon mentai yaki and they called this hana tuna mayo sushi. Hana means flower in Japanese, you see this thing, you see, looks like a flower meh? But RM2.80 only, what do you expect, they said is flower you eat the flower la. Tuna dry already but still acceptable.

Seasoned Tsubugai. Do not order this longkang taste whelk. This whelk dish is up car food. Like chewing china made chewing gum with the taste of longkang. You know what is longkang taste? Let Ah Kambing tell you what is longkang taste. You go outside find a longkang and you go near near to the drain there and take a very deep breath like you are going to deliver a kambing out then you will know what is longkang taste.

We had 15 plates of sushi ( more or less) and 2 green tea. Total damaged = Rm40+ ( more or less)

Sushi Mentai is always crowded on the weekends and they have limited of seats. Me and Lap cheong is very unhappy after the dinner because our stomach is very cold. Do you understand the feeling of the feeling that you're full but you don't feel full? But the food in Sushi Mentai is ok, just ok. You can go try lor.

After sushi mentai, me and lap cheong went to mamak drink tomyam soup liao.

Location: Besides Chili Pan Mee Kepong


MaX3o1 said...

There is one behind my house in Kajang. Right under Mutiara Condo. I usually go there when i am carving for some sushi and i wouldn't complain on the quality as some is really beyond expectation. Its cheap and filling. The Takoyaki is my fav there.

Your mother said...

I sincerely feel very pity this blogger because he always eat shit food.

Anonymous said...

longkang smell and longkang taste is different. u can smell but the taste may be different. to say u tasted longkang, means u liamliamed it before? roflmew

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you're not even honestly reviewing this places but just doing it because its fun to talk shit about others. Offer constructive criticism if you want to. Not hate. Don't be such a bloody dick.

Anonymous said...

Anon, lighten up alright? U need a chill pill seriously

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ini bahasa ada betul ka ? ko ni cikgu skola mana?

Anonymous said...

I like the cleanliness in kepong shop. Althought crowded still maintain reasonable quality. Service staff attend my order promptly. Whatelse good price and fresh food. I am up for it.

Anonymous said...

laugh out when reading the blog and the comments . especially the word of kiap . wtf! truly Malaysian :D :D

Habibo said...

your food is like vera.

Unknown said...

In Elit Avenue Penang branch,Food is equivalent with the price... cheap and bad taste.. not fresh..
None of the food is tasty
I would rather pay more for other Japanese restaurant