Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why Esquire Kitchen like that wan ?

Ah Wok long time no go esquire kitchen eated so
1 day i decide bring my gf go there. I remember the
Damansara Jaya Esquire Kitchen is long time ago
so i go back that branch again lor with 2 more friend.

Ah Wok order 4 dish. All 4 failed jor. The piktar below
is my favorid last time. They call as "yee heong yuk si"
Now i no dare order coz it taste like.....(insert badword here)
See also no wan touch jor.

This also their special signature dish call "tung po yuk"
Now is their fail dish. This dish people use 90% soya
sos and 10% oil. They use 90% oil and 10% soya sos.
How to eated wor ? Summore i wan the sos dip with
the bread but then i dip is all oil. Ptuuuuuuuui !
Really you eat oredi this one confirm u end up at
toilet all day long.

Normally people eated this mantau is together with
the sos. But since got no sos i use this to soak up the
oil so i can eated with rice. I smart ! i order extra
mantau so can properly eated the sos.....which is not
alot left after i soak finish.

You come that time make sure no order their fry fish
in cili sos. The fish i think is oredi 2 year inside their
freezer. Can taste the unfreshness and after you eated
you can also taste what they keep inside the freezer.

Asparagus fry prawn also can go wrong. Why ? The
"lou soon" you see is soooooo old is got many fiber and
is not to be eated. The prawn i think also about 2 year
old keep inside same freezer as the fish coz it taste like
that fish.

This is my bill. 4 shitbrix dish for many money.
Confirm is not for human eated wan this place. Oh i
omos forgot to tell you ......my sup is cold. They say
they double boil it but i think their boiler spoil jor. I
pay bill i complain and tell them but i think they
no understand and no care becoz the staff all there is
very old. If you no belip me you go there lor. All very
old people serve u food and you must not ask them
move so much coz u will sked them fall down.

Esquire Kitchen
Atria, Damansara Jaya
N3 07.669 E101 37.009


Anonymous said...

i am longtime esquire fan since the Buki Bintang and Asiajaya days. b4 franchise it was veli gooding.

then they franchise, year after year it get worse and worseter.

fulat i so fedup this place few yr nvr go eated liao.

Anonymous said...

I've been to Esquire Kitchen 3 times I think. The food gets worse every time. After the third time, i swear cannot go ready. Lousy food, expensive bill.

Anonymous said...

Where can go wan this kind of place ?

Anonymous said...

really "enjoy" reading your blog. It is funny and the "cool" English. Cheers !

Anonymous said...

i oso wented to esquire kitchen at bukit bintang there knn my pork chop rice kenot eat one. fuhhhh!!!!

spanker said...

Haiya, I tell you, I wented LYN Girl's Club gaythering in Esquire Kitchin I was so HENG mang... I scolding Kayc like waffak eated at Esquire kitchin? they sux0rs!!!

First go inside, no speaking the England, so tuna sing man. Then food come out all colding one, taste also so-so onli. After that order set dish got 'gwai lin gou' one, those jibet damn gwai lan man. Replaced it with 'tau fu fa' say no more 'gwai lin gou' liao. Then I wanted to complaining to the boss then 1 jibet fella over there said he told them "ok tau fu fa no problem". I was like macau hai u want to be doormat u don't involve me la diu... Tau fu fa i can eated anywhere la, gwai lin gou more expense, I want to eated gwai lin gou la jibet.

So there. Don't go Esquire kitchin, and don't brick brokeback "friend" there.

Cheah said...

Esquire Kitchen in Atria was one of my favorite dining spot during my young age. it's been years didn't visit that place. Somehow feel dissapointed

Anonymous said...

My first visit was to sungai wang's esquire kitchen long time ago. Lately it was also the place i paid them my final visit. Never again i swear.

Anonymous said...

Went to the branch at Sunway Pyramid. The dishes (eggplant, toufu, and tunpo pork) were quite good. But portions were small. What i am not too pleased were the cost of water being RM1 each and cost of rice being RM2 per bowl. The 3dishes were RM36++. Total were around RM47 including tax, for two. Overall, food is acceptable, but low in terms of value for money. Would not return.

Unknown said...

sooo sad loh, my grandma's favorate is the tong boh yok...after looking at yours ah...she'll stay in the toilet for days loh...the last time i went to the one in subang parade,but was 5years ago ,food ok but mahal lah,fried lie charge$6.00+tax+service charge tat time I tapao leh!

Anonymous said...

with the oil of the tong boh yok. u can die 5 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

Your english stinks, learn to write before you blog

Anonymous said...

Your english rocks :D

kthxbai said...

"Your english stinks, learn to write before you blog"

STFU up la grammar nazi

Anonymous said...

this place kenot eated wan! but even worse is at the Tropicana Shitty Mall,

the esquire kitchen there like can go poke ciao ciao oso the fud still cannot compare the pain of eating the food there

Anonymous said...

Esquire long time ago damn good, always eat their minced pork with char choy noodle. but now cannot eat already, no taste one and up price sumore..i remember last last time was rm5.50, last year i went it was rm8.50! sumore the bowl and my cup not clean one, din wash properly.

anyway, my aunt still like go the Atria one, there is supposed to be the main branch o, she brought us go before the food was ok la but still expensive and portion small.

Anonymous said...

Last 2 years i been back to try Esquire Kitchen as well i used to go there all the time when i was a kid back in Malaysia. But after i move away from Malaysia i thought go back and try.....jesus its the same experience "Tong Po Yuk" is horrible....not to mention the "Mun Tao" is over steam....It used to be my favourite right now after that i told myself .....that was the last time i ever go back. A few famous dish such as the cashew nut chicken with dried chilli, i think i can cook better. So sad seeing them drop like that