Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hing Ket Seafood kampung Jawa

I read review got ppl say Hing Ket seafood nice.
So I try.

Nin nah beh after eated I wanna fakkau the sohai who say is nice.

1. Wait damn 9 long for the grill seafood. Other dish finished liao wait another 300 years.

2. Damn 9 hot. Nevermind I wear shorts and singlet nia. But damn 9 hot.

3. Seafood come liao. Nice? SAU PEI LA! Hakka say this is SI FUT!
- grill sotong reach us cold. waffak???
- grill ikan pari is overcook until like rubber liao.
- grill crab, no taste one.

Chipette la wait and sweat for this crap. But wait so long dy makan aje la but I tell u , tuna seng, I will not go back even if u pay me.


Anonymous said...

FUUU tunama, no GPS location?

FUUUuuuu... fapfapfapfap

Anonymous said...

Fuuuuuu Singaporeansssssss