Thursday, September 2, 2010

Seremban not femes for this

I go seremban before and i never hear femes thing other
than the siew pau. This kopitiam is at the Summit Subang
shopping kompreks, you see got nobody eated here mean
is got no que so my food sure is fast come wan.

So i bring my gf go inside here look at menu and then
order lor. Then my gf point to me, daling you see, we
go up car jor. Fuiyoh got cili sos from Giant supermarket.
I know people buy kimball or kampung koh or maggi but
this first time i see from Giant supermaket wan. Jialat
liao lah.

Then come my gf teh, See the kaler also jialat liao la.
So white, even ipoh white kopi also not this white. No have
the teh taste. How can lidis ??????

I order this hailam mee set. I tot hailam mee always is
black black sos. This one special coz is like starch from
cantonis noddle. What taste also no have. The cili they
gimme is dunno come from where wan. I think use
Giant cili sos much better. My set come wid jelly and
limau jus. Whole set is confirm not for human eated wan.
The mee is not hailam, is yellow noddle. The sos is got no
taste no salt no nothing. The egg is like from last week
already cook. The vege is soft like overcook 5 times.
The long long thing u see is the cucumber they slice but
because the blade not sharp they stick all together. That
also because the sos is so thick can use as gam.
The jelly is nice coz they no put sugar. Come on la, where
got people jelly is not sweet one ?
My limau jus is got more ais than limau jus. If you see
piktar look like no moar ais, is because all melted. If all
melted ais mean my food take >9000 to come.
Summore you see 1st piktar is got NO PEOPLE SIT.

Give you all see the Giant cili sos again. Never see before leh ?
Dun sked, i also no see kopitiam that got the Giant cili sos.
This my 1st time oso.
Wan so bajet until liddat meh ? Kimball expense izzit now ?

This my gf order wan. Is some fish thing dunno what look
like some popiah thing. The cili sos they gip is made of
red coloring and water. So again we use Giant cili sos.
Oh and try not order this. You will jialat wan.

This my bill. You see is like cip but i tell you, my set
is not cip. Is conjob.

This place is not for human eated wan. The most
impress thing inside here is the Giant cili sos. Really
this is my 1st time see this kind of thing. If you come
here eated i confirm is you really like Giant cili sos.

Old Seremban Station Kopitiam
USJ Summit Subang
N3 03.612 E101 35.579


Anonymous said...

bro u know kampung koh chili mie? from Sitiawan izzit?

PKS said...

you scare me with those Giant Chilli

Anonymous said...

zomg Giaaaant!
the original Kampung Koh chili sos is made from a small town near Sitiawan. btw I saw some use the name tapi made at PJ ah KL la those i not sure really authentic not

Anonymous said...

What on earth is going on with all these cafe's ? Don't they believe in quality products ?

Anonymous said...

Im worker in summit
Recently this shop are getting pack and famous
What u see in this photo and now are all deferent .....
I'm not support.. I just share what i see :)