Friday, September 24, 2010

King of good food not you lah

Waliauuuu they call themself king of good food. No shame wan
these people. Really wan this place not for human eated wan.
All thing here is bluff human wan.

See menu look nais. What also wan ordering and i think
why lunchtime is not so many people come here ?

See they sell kek. Many type but alot not have stock.
If not have stock then why put inside menu ???

The price not cheap but is ok, is at SS2. SS2 thing is
known for not cheap. But i tell you, my special noddle
is really shitbrix. The taste is really one kind. What
kind ? Is prawn kind. The prawn is smelly wan that
why they gimme oni 1 piece. Because 1 smelly prawn
make entire sos become smelly prawn sos. The muscle
i call as gwailou siham. This gwailou siham 2 piece is
also smell like prawn. You say jialat or not liddat ?

This one of their special sup. Put inside bread and got
1 gwailou siham. Here the piktar look big, but is smaller
than my kikapoo can. And i can tell you i regret order
this coz the tomato sos they put inside to make sup, is
super shitbrix. The bread nice to eat but the prawn,
the gwailou siham and the tomato sup is fails. Just now
you see my gwailou siham in my special noddle is abit
got oren oren kaler. This is white kaler.
Dun ask me why. Mebbe this gwailou siham is haven't
cook yet or mebbe is really come from gwailou country.
The 2 prawn here is not yet cook. Can see from kaler.
Confirm you eat is shitbrix thing.

You see the shitbrix noddle and the small mini sup. Can
compare with my kikapoo drink. Oh and dun eated the
taufu. Is liam liam type wan, you eated confirm is lausai later.

My gf order this salted egg kuey teow goreng mee thing.
Is very special until can make my gf very anger and scold
the staff people. This noddle take 45 minit to cook and
10 minit to come to my table. I oredi eated finish all then oni
this come. I first time see my gf face black black. Normally
is me black black face but this time they make my gf anger.
Take so long to cook and servis, come that time no salted egg.
Kena go up car jor.

See bill not cheap. Is actually quite expense for lunch since
we eated shitbrix food and wait so long. My lunchtime is
12pm-1pm. but i finish eated with my gf is almost 2pm. I kena
scold by boss summore. Worse is my gf still got hunger
so we tapau mcdonald and i send her home while i go back
working and cook maggi mee in pantry lor.

This place called D'Rich is really kenot go wan. Food so
lousy, servis by bangla also even more lousy, special thing
also nothing special, eat also not happy, drink also not
happy, pay also not happy, eat also not full, drink also expense,
summore charge me serbis charge, kicap and tisu i take
myself from other table so i shud charge them my serbis charge
right ? Blady hell them la, i hope u bankrap soon let other better
place open. Murni and hainan tea down the road, mamak also
nearby, all better than u. Really shitbrix la. I can say this place
is should call as king of not good food or king of not for human
eated place.

D'Rich "so called king of good food"
N3 07.090 E101 37.431


Anonymous said...

love your blog and your incomprehensible english

Anonymous said...

Can tell from the food, this place is run by banglas. Yep I agree, reading your english is a real delight.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog dude, your "Cantonese"lish really make my day. Already bookmarked this blog. Looking forward for your post daily

Jean said...

love ur blog! keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

funny post!! I agree with you, it's a total blood sucker, so bad service somemore charge 10% service Charge!! The food is bad and service all by foreigners! Boycott this place, and tell them we are not stupid consumers!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wish that i'd read this sooner. Even i wasn't spared from all the misery that was put to me. I ordered the same pastry breaded soup with spaghetti as my main and it all came horribly wrong. I did some googling and your site came up. I'm going to enjoy myself with your language for a bit. Thanks up mate.

Hangmen said...

The food's not as bad as you say, but I do agree the service is shit (Malay tak faham, English cannot understand. Fukkin' immigrants) and their price is a ripoff (fuck 10% service charge). I asked for a Panna Cotta for dessert. It's right across the fucking counter next to me but it took em' 30 minutes to fetch!

Anonymous said...

Shit i wished i stumbled upon your blog before i went to this fucked up place. My fiancee had the same salted egg kuey teow goreng and all that was eaten off that plate were the bean sprouts. She left everything else untouched. I know my fiancee and she is definitely not the picky type. My service was prompt though. I had no problems with the service but i find the quality of food there below par.

Anonymous said...

rili shit brix food with tuna seng serbis..i ate them smelly durian cendol n dog taste fried chken..king of shitbrix food..

Anonymous said...

if you have a sensitive nose like me, you can smell the petrol from BHP.

Anonymous said...

been there once and that's about it, good luck to your unpleasant food.