Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eated here can hungry wan

Today i go this restoran name Char Siew Zhai at the sunway mas
area there. Got many femes blogger tok this place so i go to test
water. Fuahhhh is first time i eated with my gf till hungry. I never
eated and feel not full before.

You see their pricing like not expense wan. But see so
much also no use. When order come that time is not for
human eated wan !

This is my RM5 siew yuk rice. You know why is RM5 ? See
piktar also u know liao. 1 piece siew yuk is RM1. Got 5 piece
there. Rice and sup they gib free. Sos they give i dunno why.
They also gib me 2 cucumber which is not for human eat wan.

My gf order their femes wan tan mee char siew. But since
they say they also femes in siew yuk, she order siew yuk wan
tan mee. The noddle is hard like eated chopstick, the wantan
no give her but instead they give her sup water. Then the vege
they use is at least 5 day old.

But that also, is RM 4.50. How come my siew yuk rice is RM5 ??
She got more siew yuk than me for less the price ????
How come is liddat i also dunno.

I confirm these people dunno how to do business wan.
My gf wan tan mee cheaper but more siew yuk than my
more expense siew yuk rice. No wonder you rugi la.
Summore your food really not for human eated wan.
The noddle you gib so much make sure is fully cook first
ok ? The vegetable next time dun gib better la.
I really wish i no go there. Waste my money oni, i pay to
shit brix !!!!!

Restaurant Char Siew Zhai
Sunway Mas PJ
N3 07.161 E101 35.892


Anonymous said...

one ringgit for each slice of meat ? you crazy mang

Anonymous said...

Pork price 'exspensieve' la. U dunno meh?

JustinYong said...

Hi, please take note that this outlet is not the original Char Siew Zhai. It has been taken over by an Australian, hence the quality.

Currently, Char Siew Zhai only exist in Paramount Garden, PJ.