Sunday, January 2, 2011

I confuse this place

Ah Wok and gf today go to seremban 2 to holiday. When walk
that time got see this place, got few people eated here so ok lor
go inside and try try. This place outside signbod and inside also
say is Hongkie Kopitiam. Never try before ma and since new to
me i adventure abit.

Open menu it say Boston char chan teng. I look at casher
kaunter also it say Boston. I kena bad experence in Boston
before but is in 32 Square there. I no put inside blog coz
my gf like the kari mee while my fry rice is fails. This time
i not can forgive this restoran liao. Name say is Hongkie,
other name is Boston. Which one i also dunno. Name also
can fail jor. Haihz.

See menu like got many thing. But i tell you not many thing
is nice. All is shitbrix wan.

You see la how fail this place. What is order CHIT ?
Then i cover abit the menu so you wont sked but it say
is Meehoon in papaya sup. Think about it also shitbrix jor.

My gf order this the girl rekomen wan. Is fish burger with
some fries. See also no appetite. The taste is good if eated
with many cili sos. If you eated this fish burger without cili
sos, confirm wont finish wan the burger.

The fries come is cold and soft. Bestest fries i eated in my
life is not here. This fries is not human eated wan. Lembik
Lembik and some also not fully cook. You see color also
can know oredi wan.

This i order coz the girl also rekomen. Is call 4 something.
Fuahhhh so hard to eated this. The bread so dry is like from
last week wan. The kaya is fails, the chiken floss dun go well
with the other 3 thing, the peanut butter dunno why got
extra kacang on top and the yellow part is NOT BUTTER
but is majerin.

See i show u majerin. Majerin got one kind of smell wan.
The taste also bo ngam me. If you cham all 4 thing and
eated, you confirm can shitbrix wan. But this bread the
girl tell me is top seller. I dun belif her. I know she bluff
me wan and wan me order coz she wan get rid of old stock.
I go up car this one jor.

See la, 1st day of 2011 oredi i kena gutterfood. Sumoar is
with my gf. Drop my water face oni. If i know this place is
call boston, i wont go in wan. Outside say Hongkie, inside also
say Hongkie, Even got umbrella for table also is call Hongkie
Kopitiam. How la liddat, name also the fella dunno. Haihz.

Please no come here. Really shitbrix wan. Any place use
majerin put on bread is low klass place. Start of the year oni
i up car liao. Haihz i nid go bath flower water jor.

Hongkie Kopitiam/Boston
Jusco Seremban 2 Shopping Center
N2 42.063 E101 54.694


Anonymous said...

the bread is just weird

Sammy said...

all meleis food shop use mamak shop..u know, roti bakar..where they going to use butter for you?

Ah Soon said...

marjerine is unhealthy and fail stuff.

Anonymous said...

Why go all the way to negri sembilan to eat at kopitiam ?

Anonymous said...

Boston failed, change to Hongkie loh, if Honkie fail, change to mama also can.

Anonymous said...

5 bucks for your stupid bread ?

Anonymous said...

look the drink more expensive than the bread lol

hehehe said...

that kaya that colour one

Anonymous said...

well at least they discounted u 2 sen

Anonymous said...

Though it's true food at Boston sucks, Order CHIT is ngam actually.

Ally said...

i see old town also write "order chit" and i dun understand why!!

Anonymous said...

Marjerin is really awful tasting

Esther Lim

Metsatsu said...

ew.... the bread is disgusting....

Anonymous said...

wow...the bread really knnccb.

maybe the waitress is pretty,u order bcoz of her. If not i wonder how could a sane person order and eat that piece of shit.

Shafinaz said...

why on the reciept got say "this is not a bill"? then say what? "this is a receipt".

cacat hor.

LHK said...

nowadays the food at the restaurant is getting worst and worst. Not worth for a single cent to pay for your meal. For me, better stay at home eat quaker oat!

Anonymous said...

I like you engrish veli muchie!!

Ah girl said...

Hi, can once and for all also tell the world how Wong kok char chan teng should not exist and a 500 item menu which every item is a con job in differnt types of sauce. I think its a place where people have too much money and hate themselves or momentarily have bad decision when choosing a place to eat, and bad memory for ppl who go back.