Saturday, January 1, 2011

i up car at Pei Fook

Ni hao ! Now is 2011 liao and same here is at gutterfood. I wishing
all you happy new year and gong xi fa chai. Gutterfood soon to have
new thing but this standard is eated bad food still here wan. Since
i is 1sttttttttttttttttt to posting inside here liao in 2011, i wan tell
all you that the 2011 gutterfood of the year is voted by many
people wan and not just 1 people.

Anyway new year jor, so now Ah Wok bringing you 1st post of
this 2011 by tell you that in Kota Damansara there got this
restoran call Pei Fook sell the wantan mee.

My friend bring me come wan. Here you see the parking is
hard to find and every people park like their father road.
I ask my friend take my kapchai go but he dowan coz he is
class people so we sit his Vios tubo go to up car here.
He order this charsiew wantan mee. See also no mood eated
liao. I ask him taste like what, he tell me taste like last week
cook wan the food.

See his wantan ? Kenot see leh, is very small wan. Kenot use
chopstick coz too big, need use the tutpik wan.

I still growing so i order big. I tot is big mean more wantan
but i wrong. Big is mean more noddle and alot more expense.

I not like the noddle coz is half cook. When wantan noddle is
half cook, is half hard half soft. This kind is not for human eated
wan. And you see my wantan sup ? The sup is not for human
drink wan coz got taste like the water use to wash plate wan.
My vegetable is cold and stick together. I never see vegetable
stick together. Normally people use abit oil so vegetable not stick.
When stick one big lump how to bite wor ?

Hahaha my friend sup, no kaler, no taste and super small wantan.
The bottom is my one and you think you can see wantan but i
secretly tell you, i throw 1/2 my sup away so you can see. If not is
like my friend wan also.

In case you not believe me, here is my mini super small
tasteless wantan. In my small spoon and to prove how small
my wantan is, i putted the cili on top. People see also laff lor.

Nah you see, big noddle, very half cook, super small wantan and
vegetable stick together. How not to fail la this place ?

Got only 1 thing good and this place the tisu paper is the
big piece wan. Other place always give small tisu so need
use many, this restoran give big tisu wan.

My bill is i pay wan coz my friend is klass people drive
me in his Vios tubo. Is not expense but i can not bluff
you and say is worth the money. If you come here and
order wantan mee, which is all they sell, you will up car
just like me.

Pei Fook
Kota Damansara
N3 09.273 E101 35.668


Anonymous said...

so fast got first gutter of 2011

Anonymous said...

This place is just below my office. There is absolutely no que whatsoever here during lunchtime which tells you about this place. Indeed the parking is hectic and not even all the offices are occupied at all. Damn you people for parking all over.

Anonymous said...

i lol at the size of your wan tan

vandal said...

damn unbelievable small wantan

i eated halal wantan also MUCH bigger than that


Anonymous said...

at least its not 10 bucks a bowl

hehehe said...

that wan tan is small, but they give u 4 biji, is very generous lorrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

normally how many biji ? no one count wantan before

Anonymous said...

I lol-ed at the wantan as well hahahaha

Gabriel said...

wow...ur english is super duper excellent..what a broken english you dare to post on gutter food? i suggest u better go back to old school and sit for UPSR,following with PMR and SPM.u r awesome,with the HIGH STANDARD english usage,i pretty salute u with the so called british english.frenly speaking,i believe majority of the blogger here are truly not understand with your ENGLISH such as kenot,kapchai,up car,jor and many many are so embarrassing MALAYSIAN.

Gabriel said...

send u a chinese words,"
你 需 要 自我檢討

Gabriel said...

ok,why i left my comments here is i can't stand with ur english,still dare to leave ur comments even u knew ur english is so lousy...看 不 過 眼 ...

gerald said...

absolutely agree with you. ate here also.
1. half cooked noodles - yes.
2. cars parked allover - yes.
3. your inglish - very good. who say u must write like u are righting to the queen of ingland?

Anonymous said...

laugh till my pants fall off (in cantonese)....

one year later and the shop is still standing but food
standard has not improved either!

i was there last week and had a bad experience with them,
i asked for a bit of spring onions for the curry wanton mee
and the waitress had the cheek to tell me that its 50c!
even when at first i ordered the dish and i told them i
dont want see hum/cockles, still she wanted to charge
me for the 'chung'!

please boycott this place!

Anonymous said...

service is a failure... boycott it!

Anonymous said...

ya man... they wanted to charge me 50c for a speck of chung/spring onion! booo...

Jerome said...

hi blogger. glad that you started a really localize blog. I like your expression of your personal feel lol. very.entertaining and interesting. especially the "your father road".. I hope you keep it up and post more review. looking forward for "local slang" style food review...

awesome job wor!!!

Anonymous said...

They r famous for their own made wantan noodle very springy
Their wantan is really small but it cost only RM4 for 10 biji of wantan so mai hiam lor.. You want big wantan you wrap it yourself la.