Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The straits cafe make me strait shitbrix

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here at bandar utama centerpoint pay
 handfon bill but the sistem down jor so man asking
me wait 20 minit. 

Next to Digi shop got this straits cafe so i come eated
since must haf wait 20 minit. I sitting down see menu 
but waiter got come say got promo now.

PROMO is muz order coz Ah Wok always think promo
is valuebles for money and must be hot selling thing.
I wrong. 

This thai plate combo thing dunno wat wat is promo.
I like thai food so i order. 

When you see it u will shitbrix. Oni got thai cili sos and
they call this thing thai plate. Summoar the thai kok cili
sos look 1 kind. Funny kaler i tell u.

The prawn inside menu got say special wrap dunno wat 
pandan prawn thing. My spoon got bigger than prawn.
The leaf is got need many hour to wrapping 1 coz i use
many hour to take out.

The jiken not fresh. Can tasting the freezer thing and if
black pepper also can tasting freezer things means
u up car jor. 

U dun ask me why got salad there small small. Is not thai
salad. 1 look can tell jor. The peenut and the ikan bilis is
the best. I chew 5 minit the ikan bilis still not yet can break.
Can tell this good quality ikan bilis coz not easy break 1.

The prawn u see i kopek oredi the leaf. Who blind 1 oso can
know this prawn not fresh, no need the leaf and u cook wid
wat oso no haf taste 1. I think the chef take long time cooking
prawn coz he make sure the prawn full cook until dry. Maybe
chef wan to make udang kering but know becoz i got hungry he
make not so kering for me. 

Here the bill. I order 2 water coz dry thing very hard to
swallow so nid many water to help. The longan jelly cup
very jelly until oni can see jelly but no longan. The cincau
is the best black water i haf taste in bandar utama centerpoint.

I no finish the food. Ah ma always say if no finish food is waste
and will jit doh 1. I no listen to ah ma coz if i finish
the food i will not become human. This really not for
human eated 1. 

The Straits Cafe
Centerpoint Bandar Utama


Anonymous said...

BU Centerpoint's Secret Recipe is much worse. You should go there and dine and let it appear here.

kekyi said...

Tat's not salad, but is kubis bawang

Anonymous said...

Lol, funny, thumbs up

Joez said...

Haha can't stop laughing.