Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Harrow everybody!! My name is Ah Yin the new Gutterfood contributor (you all oso ken call me Ah Ying). Just a very brief intro la, I just finished my Dipoma in Masters Bachelor Degree. 18 this year, very pok very chui lor. I like eated and drink food but sometimes the food so bad I had to gutterfood it. That is why I have gotten here.

So last week there was a Happy New Year Eve Day la, many pipu has gotten out to celebrate and I also feel very ronely so I go out celebrated. So I drive to Sunway Giza to have drink la. Lucky no peanut butter jam but tunaseng all pub so full liao how to drink?

There was a kopi bar shop named the Library. I abit sua ku go in look look see see got encyclopedia wikipedia or not. You know la, just finished my Dipoma in Masters Bachelor Degree the brain still wanting to read books. I see they got serve kopi drinks like Setarbuk, nothing special la. Then suddenly I remembered I saw this signature drink in their fesbuk.

In my surprised they has got this Baileys Espresjio Ice-cream shake drink. Wah rao, tree combo. Got kopi got espresjio got ice cream. So I ordered the drink to get high a bit la. How much damage? RM 24++ with no GST, quite reasonoble lah for alcohol with espresjio with ice-cream.Where else can you find such drink in local mamak?

 My drink served within 10 minutes after order. Lucky not much unker auntie order speciality drink like this one, they only order air suam then open ipad play candy crush beside the corner. Served so fast, I also got no time to open my CoC k.

So I sip sip a bit, tunaseng no alcohol also. How to get high like that? I bring amoi out to get celebrated ler. So I suck suck halfway still no alcohol taste also. Bottoms up also no alcohol taste, all taste like milk shake with chocolate ice-cream. Like that how to get high and touchy amoi. I has got feeling cheated with the price I paying at Happy New Year Eve Day. Countdown 123 also no syiok no high high. I rather go drink Neskape shake from mamak also not the frust.

You see got many bubble, after drink also can burp burp very syiok.

Anyway, Happy New Year 2015.

Location: The Library outside lefthand side beside Sunway Giza


Anonymous said...

Ah Yin wa ai ni

Happy walker said...

nice to meet you Ai Yin~ =D

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

all of you are just ah beng's with crap english and crap reviews and crap blog

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Jan 13

thats what the fail blog said, its a fail blog of fail food, with fail engrish.

Why you no paham? cipet!

/k/warrior said...

How does one get a "Dipoma in Masters Bachelor Degree"

Anonymous said...

Brius Lee dotter liriu kopitiam nao