Monday, April 13, 2015

Grand Shanghai Tea House Puchong Puchong Puchong Puchong

Ni hao! Ah Wok long time no post thing so i bring all u 
greeting from Puchong! Ah Wok not big fan of Puchong
and i not really like Puchong because Puchong is not for
human live 1. Puchong is the bestest shitbrix place in all
Malaysia and Sinjiapor and Amerika. Almost anything
 come from Puchong can automatik come inside here liao. 

This time my gf go to buy Groupon thing. I tell her oredi
this kind of thing where can buy 1. She not have belip me.
Finish liao la my hard earn RM 100. 

See this menu oredi up car, Want me driving whole
family go to up car restoran in up car place. Haiyah
why need liddis leh? Look down pic there is got some
weird thing. Is skin and something. I eat that something
but not eat skin. I regret shitbrix i regret eated the inside
thing. See skin so tik so not yummy.

This is also special dish. I call this oil thing dish. I upgred
my camera fon to blackbely so all u can see clear the many
thing that u cannot see with my old fon. 

Kailan is the bestest oily thing u can eated here. Drive 
far to Puchong eated oily kailan is shitbrix i tell u.

This is the bestest thing not to order here. Who order this 
who ownself rugi. U see properly the chicken something
not right. If u not see it, u download and zoom in see
again until u see something not rite. 

Here is fish, This very bad. Really very bad, Fish if
not fresh need fry. This fish even after fry is still very
not fresh. I think i got tell kapten this fry fish need 
to fry again and again so can become not so shitbrix.
Kapten see me look 1 type like see her no up. Yes i
see u no up, i see this fish no up, i see your jiken no
up, i up car at your up place.

 This is plate of many mushroom and oil. Here you will
taste the special cooking oil they use. I dunno wat
mushroom taste like here but i know cooking oil coz
i got use at home also. 

3 prawn in 1 egg. Most expense dish ever created. 

This sup is come from washing mesin. They finish wash
your baju then use the water put a little bit salt then serve u
with bones and all. Where can drink 1. U take this water go
wash some more baju la.

Egg tat i extra order coz i got like egg tat alot. Pandan
egg tat the egg like many day old, the outside biskut like
many week old and the whole thing taste like come
from 1970. See also probrem liao still wan me eated
this meh ? 

Kenot finish, Jiken really shitbrix 1. Order the extra thing
also is ownself rugi. 

 The bill. Cinaboy like me always tok dollar and sense. 
So here my dollar and sense. U are expense, u are place
in shitbrix town, u are servis like i owe u money.
I also cannot brain why i Puchong food. When is
Puchong ppl will wake up ? U all make LDP 
very jam, u all serve shitbrix food and u all not know
what pofesional serbis is, u all also dunno wat is
standard price? 

Really who eated this jiken is will up white car
and ownself rugi. 

Each time my other gutterfood buddy ask me eated
in puchong i very sked. How many time up car oredi?
Still not yet wake up meh? I know got nice thing in 
puchong, cannot be all bad. But how come everytime
we kena is we kena the bad 1 ? Why no 1 time we
Puchong we up up the Puchong 1? Owiz is we Puchong
we rugi.
This restoran really up car big time shitbrix many days
who come who ownself rugi. The piktar alone nuff
to see no need me explain jor.

Grand Shanghai Tea House
Setiawalk Mall @upfloor 


Happy walker said...


Anonymous said...

not all is bad in puchong. oh wai-

Anonymous said...

you order this you ownself rugi lol

Anonymous said...

what on earth is shitbrix ?

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,

Your pictures are just as bad as your english. Stop typing. Just stop.


Secret Cupcake said...

I think your images is still not very sharp after the phone upgrade.

Anonymous said...

I ate here before (for a date omg) and seriously can shitbrix. Tried their siumai and it's like eating those primary school erasers. Not sure why they're still in business tbh.

Unknown said...

Walau london so powderful "satire" oso donno ah ?