Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sentul Curry House

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here today tell all people that this
Sentul Curry House is not for human eated 1. 

This restoran really shitbrix until i 3d2n camp my toilet bowl.
And is not cheap.

My fren is bring me come here eated. I tot is got banana
leaf rice eat kari but no. Is plate. I see oredi i know sure
up car oredi but he say this must try femes thing.

I taking the fish something and then some something
and others things. Lucky i stop taking coz is not nais.

This fish thing dunno wat is got the fish hard skin and
got many bone 1. Many bone until is like eated the fish
from China liddat. 

U see the pic below is the fukua fry thing. Is femes thing
all banana leaf must take. This one u take u ownself rugi.
Is not nais, is salty and not krak krak type. Is lembik the
lau fung type for ppl no teef eated 1.

My fren fry jiken is very fail. Sure la, u take 10 week old jiken
and then fry of coz is up car la. The papadem oso lembik lau
fung liao. U dip wat kari oso no use. Here the kari is i think 
come from oganik shop those kind. No taste 1.

 My bill i think liddis few thing add some water is RM40+
Remember, if u die die wan come here eated shitbrix
thing, is u ownself rugi. 

Sentul Curry House
Sentul there somewhere

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