Friday, August 28, 2015

Good Home bakuteh sell kangen thing

Ni Hao! Ah Wok here. My gf and me go this up car place
ss23 taman sea there to eated this up sai bakuteh place but
they special not bakuteh, is special water.

See see got some human come muz be ok jor. I tell u ah,
my eye very sharp 1. I tell my gf, u see the banting, is sell
water filter. They not business eated bakuteh, sure is sell
filter sistem 1. See oso i sked leh, not good liao wei.
I tell my gf, why not we go next door more safe, but she
say try la. Everytime try is end up Ah Wok need write
thing in here. Haih !

Menu come. Bakuteh is dirty place eated oni nais. Here they
wash your bak for u in their special filter kangen water with
super geng chau PH dunno wat alkaline water. Wat is
alkaline water ? I work car worksyop b4 i know is for put
battery. Why u use clean and cook my bakuteh ? Alkaline
is for put battery not for put bakuteh leh.

Order lor, hunger oredi so fast eated can go else place. Wah
come oredi regret. Taste weird 1. Is that special water PH too 
special for me and my gf. Up car lehhhh!

This bakuteh no taste, very weak very beh sai very not
kick. And is very little coz small. No pass. Not for 
human eated Ah Wok gerenti lu.

Inside menu the taufu got fishball side. This dun hap. I kenot
brain but my gf say faster eats faster can go. I think they
wash this taufu wid kangen special PH magic water. I got suspek
the kicap oso is use kangen special PH magic water healing
+agi 200 +dex 200 + hp 300 + mana 1000

The lady finger oso confirm is use kangen special magic
PH water clean and cook coz is lembik lembik like the
taufu jor. The restoran taukeh must be trying this magic
water too powerful for this until can fail. If vege can fail
the rest all no need say 1. Confirm u not for human
eated 1 this place. The bill i dowan show sked all pengsan
then later the boss will sell u magic kangen water dunno 
PH special thing.

Restoran Good Home
SS23/11 New Taman Sea
N3 07.047 E101 36.814


Anonymous said...

You sure ah? I think gud la..give them chance laaaaa...u can cook lidat meh

Anonymous said...

Your war here is with the Kangen Water, not the food. Firstly, do some research on Kangen Water before relating it to engine water. Secondly, I've been to this restaurant and I have to say the hospitality is good and you won't find elsewhere that has good tasting food without MSG. Thirdly, maybe you need to improve your english to make your post convincing.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that the food is lousy , and Ah wok revThe iew is valid . If you take this Kagen water aside , the bak ku teh is still tasteless . The portion is pitiful , and ah wok pointed out rightly this is a bah ku teh shop , should put the water aside . Customer come
For bak ku teh not kan gen PH water ! And bah ku teh is expensive for the small portion. We won't go back to this restaurant again ...

Anonymous said...

U mad ? If you don't like the writer's english, why are you here to read the article ? Go to school to teach english lessons. Typical keyboard warrior

Anonymous said...

I would like to teach the writer some english.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee this writer's English must be very good. This is just a special way for him to write is to easily express himself in a local way...

Only locals will understand.. we humans don't need to be too perfect, entertaining is the main point here. And this blogger achieved it.