Friday, September 4, 2015

Podgy & The Banker + suckssssssssssssssssssssssss

Hello people, long time no see. It's actually a good thing that I don't see you all because that means Ah Kiang never up car. Ah Wok recently always ask me, "eh, please go update gutterfood" I said, "you chi sin ah, that means I have to up car!" Uol tell me la, what fren is this?

Well, after so many months of avoiding up car food, today Ah Kiang finally up jor.

Ah Kiang brought his lovely waifu (I BET YOU ALL DUNNO I MERRID DY, so girls, pls, no sadding, still many trees out there ya) to a high krass place call Verve Shops at Mont Kiara. How do you say Verve? ver-veh, ve-ruff? Damn kwailos like to give a san ka la place kwailo name just to make it high class and more expense.

Ah Kiang actually quite in, he has instagram although you should know right, it's only used for occassions like this. But sometimes he need to balance his huelings after looking at own up car shit brix pics, he need to see some pretty girls pang pua liap, coffee with 90 degree shot from standing up chair, and some bitch beach photos.

I akcelli notice this porgie and the kanina for a long time liao, because hor, people like to take pics of their kopi beside the window, on the chair, on the floor, put the kopi on the table then lie on the floor to take upskirt style. I thought should be ok lah if not why else they do so many things? Siao ah.

I think I talk too much. So here's the chicken chop. I think because recently gov announce oil price drop again, so they very happy and use more oil to fry my chicken. I very thankful la to be honest but then you see the chicken, the skin not crunchy like mamee monster liao.

Nah, close up shot just for you all. I also know how to instagram with nice angle one ok. From here you can see how oily and how watery the so called fried chicken chop is. Other instagram ppl can't do that, but AH KIANG CAN!

OK lah, Ah Wok, you happy liao now?

podgy n the banker +
verve shops, mont kiara


Happy walker said...

hihi, long time no see, finally a post~ =)

(A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

fix your English dumb ass

Anonymous said...

Worst blog ever

Anonymous said...

Best blog ever.

English is superbly localized. Loved it.