Monday, December 21, 2009

Gerentee shitbrix here

Today my gf and me go to dating in ss2 because is
got many thing there. So my gf say feel like eated
light thing and i bring her here.
I got regret go to there and now my gf not like me
so much anymore cos she saying i bring her eated
lousy porige. I not have class.

I order rice she order porridge. Both is come cold.
Porridge is not eated cold ! Rice oso is not eated
cold ! Bludyful them.
All thing i order is come cold. Rice also cold, this
lady finger come cold, my vegetarian siew ngor
is also come cold and very many oils. All thing
here is come cold because the restoran not have
money buy gas make fire.
Even the bean fish is tin food also is cold. Cheap
food also they can take selling become expense
food. They save money cooking so they serving
tin food. They save more money is because they
not have buy gas to warm the tin food for you.

This place not for human eat wan. This few thing is
cost me RM 33. You see the plate is empty empty
like that. The bangla serve me is make the tin foods
all over plate look like many but is illusion oni.

I tell lady boss, you cheat people. This tin food not
expense thing but you charge until people can vomit
blood. Is so little bit and not nice and is tin food and
you not have put fire make hot but serve cold. My gf
and me really eat till shitbrix jor. I hope they bankrap.

Restaurant Hong Lim Teowchew Porridge
N3 07.009 E101 37.368


MyKy said...

tulan habis liao

Anonymous said...

so expensing!!!! siao one teochew porridge is cheap stuffs