Thursday, December 24, 2009

Eat at your own risk!

Many people like this place, but I don't care I just wanna gutter it because I am honest.

I checking the menu, checking for very long time, but don't know what to order because lunch is until 4pm, and dinner start from 5pm. We were there around 4pm++, so what can order leh???

Finally we ordered comes there fried udong, this one I not really have comment because is my fwen eating, i only took 1 to try I thought the noodle is taste of kicap and abit hard and not enough taste and just not enough good.

Spagetti come liao, looked nice, smell nice, but but but..... what is not nice??? It is toooooooo many cheeseeee, chef why u put so many cheeseeee, its too much make it very sticky and too creamy, make my mouth feel like full of oil, i cannot tahan.

I like to eat chicken wing so i thought i will like this mix platter. Then chomp! I bite the chicken wing, why I feel sticky sticky one? it is because the flour too thick liao, so the skin is crunchy but inside got flour that is lembik one. I has a sad.

Tesco brand fish nugget also win that orange colour fish nugget, taste no good one, fish nugget but taste not like fish.

This taufu I tell you, eat like that is ok one, but never never dip the sos that dunno made of what, they wasting ingredient only give that sos not nice, people don't eat one.

This is the killing one and this is also the one make me decided to gutter this.

The noodle is yellow noodle not nice one, pay more price for curry but they still give me this yellow noodle, so sad, and the soup got many many santan, too muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, already order so very sayang is no eat, then i eat abit.

Then...................after few hours I still feel stomach very not comfortable, i went to vomit out, it is the curry because too many santan cannot digest so I vomit all. The santan too geng already, too geng until i cannot tahan.

"Eat at your own risk!"

4HappySeasons Restaurant

No. 9, Jalan Wangsa Delima,
1A, Section 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

i love ah mi's posts, so original..... i trust u ah mi i really do !

Anonymous said...

seriously this place is sucks and looks high class only... Food wise is really so so only...

Anonymous said...

vomit = UBER FAIL!!!!!

this place must kena seal by majlis!

Anonymous said...

i eated thre before is ok la i never vomit.
but u must try fancy pan mee in seksyen 2 guarantee shit brixxxxxxx

the place is nice. the food is errr the place looks nice la.