Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sakae Sushi @ Sucker Sushi at Aeon Buki Tinggi

I am not d first person say this place sucking.

The kaiten belt very lesser variety one. I eated some the kaiten item, still o.k.

Then i order teppanyaki. It waiting like 20-25 mins to cook, and when it come its LUKEWARM, not even hot!

- Entire plate not hotting
- Fish and prawn mushy
- taugeh is like chopped up to small pcs

i so fedup these type of place man. how the hell do u fakkap such a simple thing like teppanyaki is totally beyonds me.

this place waiting to chap lap nia. Chiak Sai la!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes ! i wait 4 someone to blog on this chek kai restaurant coz i no have blog myself. I eated them at Subang parade and i curse their mother for more than 10 minutes. really fakkau food. But i see many people eated there everyday, all soh hai people.

Nadia said...

The place got style ma.. Poser eats there, showing off.

Ahaha.. I think the teppanyaki at Food Republic is very good (the name lupa already, but they have this buffalo icon one)

itsvampbaby said...

ichiban boshi & sushi king win. ;)

Ah Wok said...

i forgot take piktar last time of this place

Anonymous said...

The food is damn....
I am disturb....