Saturday, January 9, 2010

Welcome readers to 2010

Happy New Year to all our readers. It is the year of the tiger and
the gutterfood team wishes all of you prosperity and good health.

As promised, i have recently purchased microsoft office to help
correct my grammar and spelling. But since i can only use it on 1
computer, don't expect every post to be on perfect english.

As promised, the team at gutterfood will be running some specials
this season. However before we begin, we would like to recap on
some past year historical events. We can't help but notice our post
on Venicia Bangsar had the most comments. Therefore we award
the 2009 Shitbrix Gutterfood to none other than..... Venicia Bangsar.

I would like to apologise for the late wishes as i've been away for a
while. However i am back and in just a moment will begin posting
some gutterfood specials.

Thegutterfood uncensored only writes the truth, in hopes that people
will take note and avoid these places. But we also do hope that the
owners of these places will buck up and do something about it.
If you have something to say to the team, you may do so at the comment
section, or email us at
or add us on facebook.

Again, we, the team at thegutterfood uncensored sincerely wish all
our readers, a happy 2010 and may you not shitbrix as we have.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good job guys!! we support you!

Anonymous said...

i fukken rofl'ed

"since i can oni used it on one computer"


Anonymous said...

english classes and now microsoft office, wow

Anonymous said...

dun used proper england.. is not funnier anymore..

Anonymous said...

Yr mikrosoft opis writing I can no understood, pls go back to england writing.

Anonymous said...

I like when you say the Shitbrix AWARDS GOES to Venicia Bangsar.
Because got alot of comment.......
Like that also can....

hardcore gutter fan said...

Yea. dun go standard way, it's not funnier.
Gutterfood must back to its origin. gutter engrish.
Everyone please vote for gutter engrish !!

Junz said...

VERY NICE BLOG ! I love your blog very much ! Laugh until me sleep floor ~ ! keep it up ! i support u !

from : ur fans,