Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gutterfood goes international - China Mcdonald part 2

I go China many many day so eated many many thing.
Oni shitbrix food i put inside this gutterfood blog.
Because i come to this China is cold cold place so i eated
more thing. Ngam ngam this Mcdonald near my hotel
but is not same as the other Mcdonald.
My gf and i order nuget and dunno wat burger. She
say wan try their nugget sos.
They gip 3 not same sos. 1 is garlic cili, 1 sweet
sour like ours here and the paket is tomato sos.

1 thing i learn is they not put expiry date but they
put manufactured date. I omost shitbrix when i
saw date and lucky i ask counter girl. If not i turn table
upside down oredi.

But this sos, is like chikin rice sos. Is veli fail.
Malaysia kaifan sos is more better than this.
Is confirm the lousy nugget veli soggy not go
well with this sos. The nugget is really not human
eated wan becoz they nugget is wet wet type and
they smell funny. I think is the oil they use.

This burger if u throw in sea, all fish will die.
Is actually small burger but inside burger is
not have meat tasting. Is oil tasting. Like the yau
char gwai oil. FuUuUuuuu ! Can fight smell with
chau taufu.

The french fry is always soft. I owiz have to gif to
dusbin wan. If i dip the french fry with the garlic cili,
my gf dowan kiss me anymore. She say i will tasting
bad and ask me not speaking anymore coz the cili sos
smell is kenot go off one. Lucky i smart bring my
portable tootbrush and darlie tootpaste.
The white color sos u see, is sour sour not like our
sos here. The super combo is old oil + funny tasting
sos + soft soft weird bread with duno what thing on top
then if u put some tomato sos, confirm is shitbrix
maximum. After 2 time try Mcdonald food in China
at 2 differen Mcdonald outlet summore, confirm
this is shitpense food. This place really really not
for human eated wan !

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Stimix said...

Ah Mix cakap...itu Pao konfirm Xiu Long pao Guangxhou province liao!!

I syedbrix that wan too in 2008!!