Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gutterfood International - KFC China

Ok this my final gutterfood on China until i go to there
again. Here in Harbin, got many many KFC. China people
really like KFC i dunno why.

My gf and i eated this for breakfast in Harbin, China.
We order different burger. I like the chikin thigh so
again like in Mcdonald i go order this. They oni got
1 flavor and is spicy. So i try lor.

This my gf burger. Look shitbrix, tasting shitbrix.

This my burger. So small and so ..... not nais. Oh
and is super expense food. This one i think 1 mouth
can finish liao. But after eated this, u will drink 5 cup
water and 1 cup eno.

Because is order set, they come this. Is not like
coleslaws. Is differens. This i think is people use
to feed the pig. But here they gif me and my gf
eated this kind of thing. We not pig, we human.

This is their popcorn chiken. Is most failed shitbrix
food in their menu next to my super expense burger.
The chiken not like ours here. They are one is dry
and lousy and salty and oily. When u combo that
with their super soggy oily french fry, is confirm
shitbrix food.

Their popcorn chiken is also serve cold. Cold weather
and u ask me eat cold thing is fail la. I regret not have
order their spesial porridge. But when i see other people
not have finish, i dowan say anything.

This KFC becoz serve shitbrix food, they try another
type of marketing stratigi. They give u some
scratch and win kupon if u eated above RMB 50.
I scratch but i not have win anything.

Remember must avoid. No matter how hunger u are
go to supermarket buy thing eated is better than
here. Is lucky i bring eno with me. If no eno i think
i not able to shit.



Anonymous said...

u go try eated the mahresia kfc tower burger and write fail review plox

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

you are damn failure.

chose all the fail food to eat.


Anonymous said...

china no nikka... so kfc phailes

Anonymous said...

you oso funny one... go KFC order eat burger ZZ...

but i must, the colonel(?) burger(the small small burger but dey iklan dao very de big big) at KFC really is !@#@#$%#$%!!!!!

banyak TIPU punya !!! (after that i no order bun at KFC liao, must call chicken)

Anonymous said...

i think the scratch & win thingy is something like a receipt la.. not kfc promo thingy (not sure what it is, maybe is can use to claim claim expense from company?). but definitely not kfc a&p, coz other shop oso got.. it's called "fa piao" 发票。 dunno what d hell is it, yet.

Anonymous said...

but i think is coz u wanted get receipt from them then duno how to say.. then they tot u want to fa piao, happened to me at other shop haha