Tuesday, January 12, 2010

McDonalds China is shitpense food

I wan say sorry for not able to writting fast. Is all thank
to my stupid pentium 3 computer hang kei after i install
and use the new microsop offis. Now i at cyber cafe typing
this coz my pentium 3 not want start anymore. I has a sad.

Yah, this is the shitbrix Mcdonald in China. Ah Nong not
allow take piktar but Ah Nong dun care. Must take gip
all u see.

I order the new set they got. Is RMB 20 for 1 burger
1 shake shake fries and 1 oren jus. RMB 20 is like RM10.

You see they gip me shake shake fry wid powder
paket, is actually suppose be the "ma lat" super spicy
but is actually salt. If you shake fry with that you will
shitbrix and drink 10 cup water after eated. And then
they gib me super hot oren jus. Who drink hot oren jus ?
Hot oren jus is not for human drink wan !

Then my burger come. Is expense burger coz i pay
RMB20 = RM 10 for this set. Is the chikin thigh burger
which not have the bone one. The burger is small size
wid egg make like benjo. The chikin meat is tasting
like 2 week old just come out from fridge.

I not joke, this is fail shitbrix expense burger.

They got gib me ketchup but i not dare use. I finish
burger in 2 mouth. You see my hand and size of burger
you know liao is small and expense. Our Mcdonald here
is 10 time better and our Mcdonald here oredi is shitbrix
quality. There even worse. Is shitbrix + expense.

Shitbrix + expense = shitpense.
After eated this i really shitpense.



Anonymous said...

sappork u ah wok.. nice post n nice engrand.. dun using miklosof opis.. stick to gutter lingual.. i is veli enjoicing liao..

JEGO said...

mac donald china is anytime better than malaysia. its not the patty type and rather than cooked deepfried here in malaysia. over there i think its grilling and the taste is with soy sauce which i love.