Saturday, January 30, 2010

GutterFood Cooking Lesson- Pad Woon Sen (Thai)

Remember got this post? sparked so many attensyen, that got one anon guy go post this komen:

Anonymous said...
Like to critisize ppl's cooked food ? why dont u cook ur own food ? Asswipe. never had all these food before dun simply says its not nice or whatsoever.

September 21, 2009 4:17 PM

It pose a challenge to me, yea, why not? coz i know wat is shit brix food, and what is no shit brix food.
So nao i ken harness my kulinary skill in cooking GUTTERFOOD for you all.

I hope this post will helping all future chef, so that they try very hard not to do wat i do here...wokay?

So here is what I wented to cook, Pad Woon Sen (means stir fry glass nodle).

So i think after watching the videos and googling, i think i ken cook liao. So i custom my own ingredient.
Wokayyy...  lets start off wif the ingredients.

got mushrooms (cut &wash), vege (optional), fishsos, blekpepper,
garlics, and some frozen prawns (fresh or not no worry)

Then u soak and drain the Woon Sen.
Make sure u cutted it in small pieces.

First, putted some oil on wok. Is non stick wok...
so the oil also no stick.

Then u put in the garlics. Thai garlics no need cut wan.
Is gooding like this. aroma is smellness nice

Then time to add in the prawns. Marinated wan.
I use kicap manis, fish sos, soy sos..and any
sos that is blek in kaler oso ken.

So i stirfry the prawns wif the mushrooms

Then the mushroom gived water (coz was soaked).
Is this suppose like this?
I has no idea if this is a gooding idea or not...
But anyway, i continue cook (coz i really dunno liao)

Then i masuk the Woon Sen (thai glass nodle)

Then i adding egg.

Then i stir like shit, add in the sos (fish sos, soy sos)
And any sos i can find to make it look black.
Remember children, if u no stir like shit, its not stir fry!

Here is where i notice got problem.
The woon sen seems hard to stir fry
Maybe I no cutted nicesly? It look dry, so i putted some
water+chicken stock so it look wetted with some taste
Stir and stir, add some fish sos, dark sos oso.
Finally, i remember i had forgotten to add sugar!!!
WAFFAK!!! i go sprinkle some sugar..
and stir somemore. Hope the sugar is become melting.


Not bad. I added some black pepper on top.
Looks is nice.
Looks is also deceiving.
Coz is too salty. No sugar. Prawns over cook liao
Wok fire also not big enuf liao.
Woon Sen too clump clump up liao...hard to eat.
A bit dry also.

So is confirm, this shitbrix food is wat you will cook for your in laws.
Rememeber children, serve this to only people you no like


Anonymous said...

you do job is gooding.

Anonymous said...

u wanan cookted u must learn from sifu here...

the moment ur mushrooms went in i know liao

mushroom thin thin slice and let water reduce before add others
add shallot
u not enuf oil
prawn is later put in also can one
fire must bigging

Ah Soon said...

Adoi...that fire is max liao. stupiak stove. Plus is non-stick, so the heat is not there. No "wok-hei" compare to the iron wok.


jikia said...

i no like..
no siham...
siham never will make me shat brix..

J said...

At least now you can say that you did try cooking. :)

Marsha Maung said...

i reading a lot long time, no comment but got larf like hell. now i comment coz i think this is damn choon lah!! now u know, shit brix food is oso damn hard to make. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

sohai you dunno cook dun teack farkers-la..must have more oil, if not glass noodles will stick. Pad woon sen where got mushrooms wan, which sor hai copy-cat Thai rest. you goto?

Secret is the peppercorns which you did not use, some more smart go use thai garlic but forget peppercorns...stick to commenting about lousy food..

Anonymous said... time muss invite us all (ur fans)to shitbrix with u la. we take foto wit u, free also can. we no get to try ur cooking, we no comment. can see but kenot eat. how to imagene. u so rich, hav to pay to n eat shitbrix food. i salut u!

spanker said...

You ingredient is too cheap, that why no good food. if must do like the expense restaulan, gooder ingredient gooder pricing.

Thats why this glass noodle not enuff fail.

Start wit V said...

hmm.. tits pik so familiar want!!? :awsm: