Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gutterfood CNY Spesial - Not extra super tanker

Last time many many moon ago this was my faverite
restoran to eated chinese food. That time not many
people know this place. So quality sometime good
sometime bad.

After that, quality sometime good, most time bad.
Nowaday, most time bad, sometime shitbrix. I no
choice, i haf gutter one of my faverite restoran liao.

I owiz order this since long time ago. Is egg wid
crab meat u wrap in vegetable. Very nice ..... if 10 year
ago. Now u order this, vege come very old, egg give u
many and crab meat if u can find u is lucky. Got
kacang wan, last time many kacang, they call
pine cone nut. Now they extra super kiamsiap.

This my faverite sos. Is small dry prawn with
onion and sambai. Now they charge if u wan order
extra 1 plate.

This is acar. I not eated acar coz i not like.
Is lousiest most expense acar u will ever eated.

This is stone fish. Chinese call sek tau yue. Is very
poisonous. Bone is blue color. I eated this is sabah
they charge me RM 100 for 1kg. If you eated here
in this extra super tanker expense place, They charge
triple. And they not clever cook this because they
steam too long make the meat hard hard.
Expense fish u charge never mind, but if u spoil my
fish it make me not syiok eated it anymore. Fish suppose
to be soft. Kenot overcook wan !

This is roast wood chikin. Is the saltiest thing you
can ever order. And this not cheap i tell you. If you
eated this u is will drink 10 cup chinese tea.

This their spesial tong poh meat. They give fry bun.
Tong poh meat is eated with stim bun not fry !
If fry bun how to absorb the oil and gravy ? The fry bun
oredi is got many oil inside and hard hard skin. Haihz.

I dunno what this vege is but dun order ! Is bitter wan.

This restoran if u come is take big risk. Most time i come
in 2009 and 2010 they mostly gimme shitbrix food. Oni got
1-2 time they serve ok ok food. This old branch. My unker say new
branch even worse. For CNY, stay away from this place. If many
people go, mean quality confirm not gooding coz the person
not able to cook good for many people.

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker
Damansara Kim
N3 08.097 E101 37.742


Anonymous said...

last time not bad one this place.
seem now not so gooding ady

Rebecca Saw said...

Agreed!! i went there 2 weeks ago. Oh my god.. shitttytyttyyyyy food! urgh!!

Anonymous said...

10 pieces of char siew cost me rm60! The size of each char siew very small, road side char siew also bigger portion than theirs.