Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gutterfood international - Mr Lee aka California Beef Noodles

The famous California Beef Noodle franchised outlet
here in China, over 380 outlets and i'm sure they all
taste the same. Shitbrix !
Though prices may seem cheap, believe me, their
noodles are abundant but their meat isn't. Which
kind of makes it like a scam. These chain of restaurants
which is like some fastfood chinese outlet is really full
of fails. Portion is huge but like i said, only the cheap
noodles they give alot. They stingy on meat.
When you weigh this properly, the figures dont justify
and it does not tally.

This shredded beef noodle is so huge even i cannot
finish eating. Due to the generosity of salt and water
as soup base, this is an awesome product of theirs
which we should all stay away from.

My gf ordered this super spicy ground beef noodle.
She took a few bites and left it there.
It is now where it should belong....inside some tong sampah.

Even the drinks are full of fails.
This is some milk tea thing. I thought milk tea is
some lipton tea with milk. Words simply cannot
describe what this milk tea taste like. Served hot
and if you want additional pearls, you have to pay
for it. It is like bubble milk tea except this one tastes

This here is my bill. If you come to China, stay away from
this place or else you will shitbrix and not enjoy your

No joke, this fastfood outlet i had is really not for human
eat wan.

California Beef Noodle


Anonymous said...

46rmb can buy u 20 bowl of noddles man.

kena rip off liao.

Anonymous said...

i ate here before and the portion is huge. Just wasn't tasty that's all.