Sunday, January 10, 2010

Momo Paradise = Fail paradise

That day suppose to eat at another restaurant but could not find that place, so end up in this place.

I look at the place like got many people, so I thought the food is ok.

They say this is shabu-shabu, but only give people many fish balls, really many, u want what kind of balls also got, but for meat, only got beef and pork which really sucks!!!!!!!!! Eh, restaurant owner, you don't want to merinate nevermind ok, but do you know that it is not fresh & it stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like that how to eat??????!!!!!

They got 3 types of soup, tomyam, seafood and clear soup. We tasted all 3 and can give 2 comments:

Tomyam >>> super sour
Seafood & clear soup >>> tasteless, kitchen no salt is it?

Then ok, I tried to save my food by putting many many ingredients in it, hope will have some taste, but I disappointed. The tomyam really cannot eat one, don't call tomyam, call vinegar water better!

Oh I forgot about the fish, the suckest fish meat I have ever eaten, it was so smelly, confirm not fresh, like got a type of longkang smell.

For RM25, not say I pay alot, not say I pay little also, I was expecting the most basic, at least your soup must be can drink one & the ingredients are fresh. Like that also they can't do, although is eat all you can but still confirm lose to RM13 steamboat outside that I can eat until I satisfied & full.

Momo Paradise

Bandar Manjalara, Kepong


Anonymous said...

sugar price went up already

Anonymous said...

wah eated stinky meat, can vomit one! ptui!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the Comment.....
I wanted to try..but now I think I will stick to the beside steamboat restaurant......