Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gutterfood goes international - Shenyang, China

Welcome to Gutterfood International.
This is Shenyang, China at the Heilongqiang province.
This is the so called reputable steamboat restaurant
in this district.

Remember the name of this restaurant and never
step foot in here. You will only get dissapointed as
they serve only failed shitbrix steamboat here.

Look at the piktar below. Their soup base is not for
human drink. In a cold freezing place, they use charcoal
for steamboat which takes forever to boil. Their fishballs
are made from flour not fish. Those yellow stuff is not potato,
is some weird thing that taste even weirder.

The plates of meat you see are all lamb. When u boil
lamb meat in steamboat, the soup does not get sweet
but it stinks up the entire soup base till you taste lamb

One side soup is spicy but it taste like water that you
use to wash dishes except they generously provide
you with oil. The oil is never ending, i can keep scooping
it for hours and there'll still be more of it.

This is the worst steamboat i ever had in my life.
Never have i tasted such shitbrix steamboat till now.

Do not eat here or else you will shitbrix and starve.
This place not for human eat wan.

Some restaurant (i cant read mandarin)
Shenyang, China.


Anonymous said...

sohai betul, use lamb for steamboat. the "sou mei" will fuck ur soup up until u puke before u even eat anything

Anonymous said...

The name of the restaurant is "Yuan Lin Yuan" (Garden Forest Garden literally) judging from the picture of the neon light signs.