Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gutterfood goes international - Harbin China

My P3 computer dieded liao. Shop say too old no more
spare part so must buy new. Again i have update this
in cyber cafe which not have microsop opis.

This is small shop inside big shop in Harbin. They sell
many thing in here is all from deer.

You see the pot on left hand side, i order that drink
so i can be kuat kuat. Is expense sup but is ok since
can make me kuat kuat.

So small bowl is cost me RMB 40. FuuuUuuuu.
After i drink the salt water sup, i is no feel kuat
kuat. I feel poorer and i shitbrix.

This is waste my money. I am confirm shitbrix
after drink salt water sup. For those dunno read
chinese word, that sup is deer penis sup. Dont waste
money buy that sup remember ! It not have make u
kuat kuat. It oni make u poor and shitbrix.

Deer Farm

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itsvampbaby said...

i've eaten deer's foetus powder @ taiwan x.x