Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shit Brix Maggi Goreng at Paramount Mamak

First, what the ffffuuuuu. My gutterfood team mate bought microsoft office and his english is so good so fast faster than the tiger woods' gf come out liao. Then why I go wasted money attend class?? Haiyo next time I will send my post to him let him checking my grammer and speling liao. Ah Kiang say bye bye to class!

That day we the whole team went to Paramount the very femes road side mamak. Neh, that one that got sell nasi lemak ayam goreng and said to be the first mamak to sell indomie goreng one. If you don't know then you fail jor loh.

I dunno why but that night I wanted to eated maggi goreng more than nasi lemak. Then when the maggi goreng reached and I eated 1 mouth I realized I up car jor. The bricks already queuing to come out liao but luckily I tahan till we go back the car. The maggi goreng is like no goreng like that. I think they too used to mixing indomie now they also do the maggi like indomie! You see picture also know! They mix with soya sauce only!

This is indomie. Compare with that maggi goreng, is 80% similar! But this is 50% shit brix.

Then the mee goreng also can go to hell. I see my friend expression when he eated i also know it's shit brix food. I have six sense when it comes to detecting shit brix. After that he rage and shouted "KNN not human eat one!!!!" The oil also spit out. I no dare talking him after that, Ah Kiang sked.

And so you know la, Paramount mamak is only good for nasi lemak and fried chicken. Other than that the noodles are probably fail one. Even if you top up with the nice fried chicken also no use because if u mix abalone with shit it still taste like shit. You must trusted me simply because, Ah Kiang say no good means no good™.

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