Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gutterfood International - THAILAND - A&W

Just when you thinking A&W oni sux
in Malaysia? Jew r so wrong!!!
It sux oso in Thailand!!!

The all Amerikan FUUUD.... saopei la

Their beef burger Moza. Look ok oni

Afer one bite, yuk...nothing spesial...
1 piece of moza meat there...the beef patty
is so thin also. Not enuf to filling my tummy

So i try another, fish burger.
Fish is NOT FRESH!!!
Got the smelly fishy smell!!!

But their packagine is nice liao.
Got handle for u to holding.
So no dirty your hand when u
puking on your food.

They oso have this fish fillet wif WAFFER?
It tasting weird la. First time eated
waffer wif FISH FILLET!!!
Normally eated wif icecream, but
this is eated wif fish liao.

Taste crunchy, and fishy same time.
Mix reaction liao. Dunno if i like it or hate it.
But definitely no wented there again.

A&W Ayuthaya


Anonymous said...

Nobody go Thailand and eat A&W, people go thailand 4 somtom, tomyam, seafood and massage. Massage in Thailand no shit brix , very nice one.

Anonymous said...

looks disgusting

Anonymous said...
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