Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gutterfood goes international - Dalian China

When i go to Dalian, China i wented to this restoran.
Is name so hard to say out so i take from them free
lighter got their restoran name and detail.

Got fon number oso for u call. Please dont call.
This restoran is really shitbrix place.

They vegetable all is fail. Meat also fail. Nothing
here can pass wan. This piktar u see, is fry bean with
some weird thing dont taste like meat dont taste
like fish and dont taste like taufu. I only know they
is fry with alot salt and oil.

This vegetable u see below piktar...... i dunno wat
that is. But i take 1 bite i shitbrix. The vege i think
they oredi cook for 10 table but all 10 table rejek
so now they serve to us so they not need wasting

This is their spesial fry egg with tomato sos. Is not
yet eated wan but i take the spoon to kacau kacau
abit show u all they use oni 1 egg and many sos.
How to eated liddat ??? You see sos is like tomato
sos but is not. Is actually kicap ! Why call tomato
sos when is kicap ??? Just becoz is got tomato and
fry until tomato the jus oso come out u wan call
as tomato sos ????

This ultimate shitbrix place shitbrix food. Usually
the chinese tea wont fail but here is spesial. The
chinese tea is also can fail. I not know what they use.
When you drink, the water is like from after people
bath ! Is taste like soap and dirt and smell is like
from burning paper. I think they is got burn the
tea so is got smell. If burn tea is for use fertiliser not
to drink wan !!!!!

I tell u really this place not for human eated wan !
All is shitbrix and even chinese tea also can fail.
You wan eated here, you must not be human.
Liang Shui Wan

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