Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gutterfood goes international - Shenzen

I is fly home from Harbin but have to stop here 1 day.
When time go home to KL, i no choice but eated lunch
inside here at Shenzen International Airport.
FuuUuUUuuuUUUuu i regret like mad !

This pau inside is dunno what meat. Is bad tasting
and if u dip in the oily cili is make the bad tasting
even more badder.
Then my gf take this. I no idea wat that is even
until now. My gf eated half i eated the other half
and the rest is give dusbin.
This prawn, small, overfry, hard to eated. If you
want to eated this prawn, you is need Jaws teeth.

Hahaha, this funny pankek is big, thick, hard and
is funny tasting. I know pankek use milk but since
this is China, i think they no milk use soya bean.
When you use funny thing to make thing, u is
confirm will taste funny. This one oso i give to
Underneat this pankek is another pankek they
not cook properly. Is not rounded but they gimme.
This is musroom fry wid pok. I got eated some pok
but mostly i also gif to dusbin.

This one is old vegetable fry with old sotong. The
vegetable is old and many fiber so when u bite u is
will spit out. Oni use to suck the jus from the vegetable
but i tot is jus until my gf say is oil not jus. Old vege
not have got jus anymore coz old and dry.
The super sotong i think they overcook by 10 hour
coz even rubber is easier to bite than that sotong.
This spesial loh mai rice is fry with many kicap.
Oni got kicap and rice. No meat no vege wan.

I really shitbrix here. But my bill come i shitbrix
even more. All this thing i buy, is cost about RMB 200+
Lucky i good mood that day coz my gf got kiss me.
If she no kiss me i turn the table upside down liao.
Food court Level 1
Shenzen International Airport
Shenzen, China

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