Sunday, October 25, 2009

Expense pan mee

When see pan mee no pok already i boh
song but not have choice coz inside
shopping compreks is hard find pok things.

I ask the girl what special is you got. she answer
in dunno what speaking. So i cincai order then
come the pan mee below piktar. FUuuuuUUuuu
So many leaves until taste oso become like leaves.

My gf order this simple one. Look simple taste
simple but price not simple. Where can like this !!

We order this extra is they call fishcake.
You see also not happy so can imagine the taste.
When u eat it u will shit brix !

25 of my money go to fly away just eat pan mee.
I go outside eat cheaper and better !!!! They serbis
cas me but u go see the place where got serbis ???
Why need cas me for serbis ? i take money paying
parking better than gib them serbis cas me.

Noodle Shack
Ikano Power Center
N3 09.375 E101 36.694


Anonymous said...

Oh ! I walk pass this prace many time nearly wanto go eated. But i see many people eated there leh.Lisen u talk , another time no go. Tank u.

Anonymous said...

wait till u eated in fancy pan mee corner in desa i guarantee u shit brixx..

but dunno why stupid ppl still go that restaurant.

i so stupid belif vkeong makan there and i really shit brixx. then when come time to pay i puke brix

Anonymous said...

i iz agrees that fancy pan mee makes u shit brix. another 1 is oppsite of them SSL noodles. I iz haz a sad nao alot of noobs go there eat.

Anonymous said...

your engrish is phailed

Anonymous said...

quite good ah you... everywhere you eat also sux.