Sunday, October 25, 2009

Otak-otak fails

You got see this look like skool book but is really
menu. Why not have real menu like other people
wan using skool book ?

I order nasi lemak otak otak but i confirm it not
taste good. nasi lemak and otak otak no go together
and if go together will shit brix.

My gf order burger otak otak, you look see nais
but u eated it so lembik not taste burger at all oso.
Summore the fry come so soft everything so soft
the owner think we not have gigi to eat izzit ?

I order side dishes is this they call the otak otak
fish cake. They shape the otak otak to look round
like fish cake. Still very lembik until must use
the hand to eated. cos when i got take use spork
and foon they pecah all over.

Pay bill oso i shit brix for lembik thing.

Otak Otak Place
Tropicana City Mall
N3 07.853 E101 37.621

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i has eated here last weekend. Taste like crap, cute retro decor tho.